Costume Quest

This last week I played one of the best games of this year!
(Together with Last Story, Xenoblade, DW7 and Flower)

It was a gift from PSplus subscription and I really didn't give much attention for this game (At first I tought that the title was not that catchy) until this week. My brother was going to delete it in order to make room for One Piece Musou then I decided to give it a try before he deleted the file.

Aaaaand there it was! One of the best (and innovative) games that I've played so far this year!

I have many, I mean, MANY, reasons to appoint Costume Quest this way... And I should start by saying HOW DAMN CREATIVE this game is! Really, it's truly unique in its own way.

The jokes are healthy (and sometimes you can get yourself laughing alone while playing), the whole atmosphere is sweet and you just can't get tired of playing it.

I mean, every enemy, monster, random person and character has its own dialogue inserted within the context of the part you are playing. You can interact with the scenery AND NPCs by hitting it with a slap (and they will produce a different dialogue for it).

The story-line, while being pretty straight-foward, has an amount of creativity that I haven't seen for a long time already. Not only that, you have a nice number of side quests to distract you from the story-line.

But I guess that my favourite part (beside the trick-or-treat thing) was the save point!
In the original game you will communicate with the police informing that monsters are attacking the city. The policeman will only answer that they have already "recorded" the incident, and plim! Your game is saved <3
Also, it has four or five different dialogues for the save point.

I think that the main proof of how awesome I found this game is that I ended up by buying the Winter-themed DLC that they offer with more stories and costumes. (and I'm not a DLC-buyer person!)

Up until now, I'm really enjoying this game (and the DLC, of course). I may not talk about the plot, but urge you to play this by yourself.

I guess they sell it on Steam too (if you don't own a PS3) (I'm not sure, since Steam doesn't open here)

Also, feel free to add me to your PSN account!

Up until last month I had been using my brother's account to play, so I decided to have my own just now lol (and then I remember the hours I spent playing Golden Axe to get its trophies and.... *cries*)


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