Cosplay Suggestion with blue fabric

While looking in my "box of fabrics" (yeah, I have a BIG one) I've found this beautiful blue fabric <3~~ (ノ´∀`*)ノ


I've bought it a loooong time ago for a certain cosplay but I ended up by never making it. So, since I need to use some old fabric before buying new (and I can't throw it away), I've decided to start with this blue one and make a cosplay with it. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆

Aaand as you may have guessed, I have a lot of options for it.
I've prepared some characters that I like and that this fabric might fit for.
Check them out:


(Chizuru) -the girl, ok?-



(only uniforms, sorry ._.)

Which one do you think I should sew? I've listed only simple ones (I have only 2 meters of fabric for it) and characters that I can make a basic photoshoot with. Also, I will not only sew it but experiment a new way of sewing (uniform) cosplays (*≧▽≦) If it goes right I will surely teach you how!

So, give your opinions and feel free to suggest some more. ( ゚▽゚)/


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Private :

No title

Asuka, alem de ser linda e de um anime clássico e fácil de fazer.

No title

Todas são lindas, mas Ahri é na qual eu voto, você sabe oJDOISAFAS *-*


acho que a chizuru combina mais com vc


Obrigada pelos votos! \*u*/

Um para cada, excluindo a Haruhi. auehuae

No title

I should vote for Haruhi but Chizuru looks nicer. I've never seen someone cosplaying her before.

No title

vc fica linda de Asuka *-* seria legal vc fazer ela de uniforme tb *-*
e o uniforme da Chizuru e da Anri tb ficariam legais *-*

No title


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No title

Asuka. Ficará demais, Laz.

No title

Faça a Asuka, Laz. Você ficará demais.

No title

A Chizuru eh a mais diferente de todas, nunca vi um cosplay dela aqui, ficaria mais legal mesmo

No title

No title

Chizuuuuuuu-chaaaannn plzzz

No title

My vote goes to Chizuru

No title

Anri <3

No title

Hakuouki precisa de mais amor nesse mundo

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Re: No title

Oh, thanks for voting! ^__^ <3
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