FFIX all the way!

So, I've decided to get back to FFIX, so that I can finish it again and restart FFXIII. That way I will be able to play FFXIII-2 that just got here! :D

FF9 is my favourite Final Fantasy from the "number" series. It only loses to FFT if I consider the whole Final Fantasy franchise.

The photos may look fuzzy, that's because I took them myself xDDD

Ohhh Zidane <3333

He is, without any doubt, the most charismatic protagonist ever! I felt instantaneously in love with his personality when I first played this game. I don't even remember when that I was...

He was, of course, my first choice of Cosplay from this game. I really loved him and thought that maybe I would look good with his clothes.

Time (and stories) passed and I gave up on this cosplay. I even considered Kuja, but he is SO naked. Ahahah No thanks. He is too smexy for me.

Many people said that I had to cosplay Eiko, but truth to be told, she is really annoying. First time I played I didn't even use her, I couldn't stand all her blabbering and high nose.

After playing it two or three times I started liking Garnet, or Dagger. Whatever. She was all fragile and naive but during the game she starts to develop a great sense of justice, understanding and starts to accept her destiny as Queen of Alexandria.

I still dream with her white princess dress, but I'm letting it fade with the time.

But then, from this last playtime I've finally decided who I will cosplay, and in which costume, from this game.

I started sketching everything I will need, starting with the fabric. I can promise a very bright costume this time :D

I'm sure that this building is an Athena's Sanctuary and that box is an armor... ¬¬



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