Bienal do Livro - BH

This weekend I decided to go visit the biggest book fair of my state! It was pretty crowded and there weren't used book for me to browse... Actually, there were more food sellers than book sellers, but well... I guess this is getting pretty normal nowadays.

Let's check my loot!

First of all, I've bought this war-collection for a friend of mine :D It's full of pictures and pretty well written, I guess he'll like it ^3^ <3

Secondly, I've bought these two books that are very different of the kind of literature that I'm used to :D
Stephen King is more of a Horror / Tension writer while Conan is more of Mystery and Detective things. I've never read anything of these two authors, but I think I will like it. It's good to change a little sometimes.

I 've found these children book quite cute and decided to buy them :)

And I've also spent something on Comic Books :)

I bought Beautiful killer first, and then went to a more..."mainstream"title. I actually wanted X-Men, but they're all pretty expensive (like 12R$ each issue) while Superman was online 5R$. So I bought it. Personally speaking, the drawing and colouring is pretty well made, but the dialogues are trash. I don't know which age-range they aim with this comic, but everything is just too simple. And the translation doesn't help at all.

Beautiful Killer, on the other hand, has simpler colouring and drawing, but the dialogues are way better built. The story is quite clichè, but I must admit that I enjoyed it while it lasted :)


AAaaaaannd! Pokémon! Of course! :D Loopbunny was the rare card from this one. I won't use any of these on my deck D:' too bad. (It was 6R$ x_x)
I've bought this starter Deck with Dragon x Fairy type. It's a pretty good pack with Sylveon and some nice item and basic pokemons ^3^ <3
And a simple booster :D

And that's it! I walked A LOT! More than 5 hours until I decided to buy these. Ahahah I'm totally tired, but at least I got what I wanted :D (or part of it...).
Too bad the prices were a little overcharged for some titles... Harry Potter was something around 60R$! WAT//
I wanted to buy some medieval fantasies, but they're all pretty expensive :( Well, maybe later...


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