Shinsouban Heart no Kuni no Alice [INTRO - Part 4]

White Rabbit: Yes! We've arrived!

((Pyon! We bounced in something))
((We jumped really high, like we had just bounced on a trampoline.))
((Even if we fell from that hight, there's no impact at all, let alone die.))

Alice: Such an amazing spring...

((I was really surprised))
((We keep on falling for quite a long time, and I got crazy with the fear.
But now that I think about it, it might have been just a swallow hole.))
((I slowly opened my eyes and...))

Alice: ...
Alice: Where... is it...

((In front of my eyes I cannot see my garden anymore,
We're deep underground, but that does not look like a cave.))
((I did not think that so deep would be this bright.))
((Rather than the botton of a hole, it looks more like an observatory. It's like we're on top of a tower.))

White Rabbit: Hm? You're asking where are we? This is Wonderland.

((The rabbit answered something even stranger.))
((This place isn't familiar at all. Or at least it doesn't seem like anywhere near my house.))
((To fall into a hole and appear at the top of a tower... Isn't that too strange?))

Alice: Wonderland... (不思議の国 - Fushigi no kuni)
White Rabbit: That's it, Wonderland.
White Rabbit: Welcome to Wonderland, Laz!
Alice: ...
Alice: (...)
Alice: (He has a pretty face, poor one...)

» Alice keeps on noticing how cool or good looking Peter is, and wonders how he got to know her name. She concludes that he is, after all, a stalker. She starts to think that he may be a dangerous person, and he hurries as to say that he is nothing like that. She gets the feeling that he IS hiding something, and asks him that, if he is such a nice person, so that he could bring her home.

White Rabbit: Impossible.
Alice: Are you making fun out of me?

(( I cannot recognize this place at all...))
((I don't know how to walk around here, and it also seem to be far away from my house.))

White Rabbit: It can't be helped since you were so curious as to chase me. Now please, could you take this medicine?
Alice: Eh?

» She complains saying that he was the one who kidnapped her and that she had no intention of falling into a hole with a rabbit like him. He introduces himself as the White Rabbit, but she insists on his name. He gets disappointed when she explains that it was not fair for him to know her name while she had no clue on his, because he was thinking that she had suddenly taken some interest on him. She says that she has no need of a perverted friend, or would ever like a kidnapper, no matter how pretty he was.

White Rabbit: Now, let's start the game.
Drink it.
Alice: (Game?)
Alice: I have no reason to drink it.

((I look away from him.))

White Rabbit: Hmm... If you don't drink, how can I send you home?
Alice: At any rate, it does not look like you're going to do it anyway.

» They start discussing and she insists that she won't take the medicine. He complains that she is too childish and that if she keeps on acting like that she will never get a boyfriend. She gets really stressed with him and he starts to attack her weak spot, with no emotion in his voice:

White Rabbit: Your sister always gets everyone's attention... Poor you...

((His tone had no sorrow at all. His red rabbit eyes keep on staring at me with sarcasm.))

Alice: That's not my sister's fault! She is not the kind of person that gets other people's things!
White Rabbit: That could even be like that... But the truth is that your boyfriend went to your sister by his own desire.
White Rabbit: Your sister, who does not take things from you, actually doesn't consider your feelings. What a caring sister she is.
White Rabbit: That's it. That's how things are.

((That's it... that's this simple...))
((There's no continuation. It's the end.))

Alice: Yes. But my sister was sincere.
White Rabbit: Besides, I cannot have interest on a stupid man that gets interested on the girlfriend's sister.
Alice: I see...
White Rabbit: That fool man is not even a match for your older sister. She deserves a better man.
Alice: What do you mean by that...

((He is right... My sister deserves a better man.))

» Alice gets gloomy while thinking that her sister was not at a fault, that she didn't knew about her feelings. She emphasizes that her sister is too caring and lovable to do this kind of thing. The White Rabbit also mention Alice's tutor, her first love, who had preferred her sister instead of her. That makes Alice even more angry, but she makes an effort to keep cool.

White Rabbit: Because you're so pitiful, I'll make you drink it.
Alice: Wh....?
Alice ...nh....
Rabbit: Poor person...
Alice: .....huh.....
Peter: I'll free you now.
I'm going to give you some joy.

» She explains that, with his mouth wide open, he gave her the medicine, but that can't be considered a kiss at all. He asks sorry, saying that he didn't mean to be rude, and she keeps on repeating that this couldn't be considered a kiss, even though that actually was the deepest kiss she has even given.

White Rabbit: Does it hurt?
Alice: ...nghn...
Alice: Of course it hurts!

» The kiss continues and she starts to complain saying that it was too painful for her. He says that she was the one who wished for it. he says that she might imagine what will happen next, and she complains that she never wished for a guy like him to kiss her that way. She knows that it was a kiss, but she doesn't want to admit it.

» She gets desperate because she, in the end, swallowed everything, and she had no idea what that was. He then explains that it was the Heart Medicine, a medicine that now obliges her to play the game. She says that she will vomit everything, but even while trying she can't.

White Rabbit: Was it this disgusting? I didn't feel this way.

((The rabbit is peering. He doesn't understand a woman at all, he doesn't know ho this really concern us.))
((He wipes his mouth now.))

White Rabbit: That's because I really like you. (He uses Suki here.)

» While noticing that he doesn't have any regret, Alice gets more and more angry. She decides that she won't rest until she beats him really hard, so that's what she is going to do next.


» After hitting him she explains how everything sounds much better. But that's not enough, and she hits him twice after that. She asks if he has finally understood how angry she is, and he agrees, asking her to no repeat that. She asks him to bring her back home and he explains that she is on the Heart Kingdom. She beats him three more times and he says that it could be considered animal abuse. She insists that he should take her home and he is direct while explaining that she was at the Heart Country.

White Rabbit: This is the World you wished for, Alice.
White Rabit: No one here knows about you, your mom or even your sister.
Alice: ...

» She doesn't believe him, and says that she wasnt to go home and will report him to the police after that, what will end up sending him to the jail. He says he is a rabbit and, therefore, enjoy clean and tidy things, that a jail wouldn't be good for him.

» She insists on going home and tells that she is tired of being this repetitive, he says affirms that she is a liar after all. He says that they've met up before, many and many times, and that she was the one who called for him. He says that they have been friend for a long time already, and that he only wanted her to get to know his world. She says that she doesn't really know him, and he concludes saying that he has always been inside her, and that now, she is the one inside him.

» That makes Alice really angry, and she ends up beating him. She says that she is going home by herself now and starts to go away. He asks her where she thinks she is going and she says he wouldn't dare stopping her. He says that there's no way to go home, and that everyone in that country is just like him. Also, that she needs him to go back, and that he will be wherever she is.

» Of course that this makes her angry again, and she ends up hitting him.

White Rabbit
: Ouch! It hurts! So cruel, Alice...
Alice: Shut up, you're disgusting.

» She notes that she is inside a hole but the scenery is totally unfamiliar for her. White Rabbit says that it's impossible to go home after drinking the medicine, she starts to wonder if it was any kind of hallucinogen.


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