Shinsouban Heart no Kuni no Alice [INTRO - Part 3]

» Alice is still dozing around while waiting for her sister. She is getting sleepier and suddenly...

Alice: Everything here is like always...
This flowered garden...
Alice: Everything is beautiful and peaceful as usual.
Alice: Butterflies are swinging around, dressed rabbits running...
Alice: Everything is pretty usual...

Alice: (...)

*She blinks again*

Alice: (...)

Alice: (....???) (Laz's note: Kyaahhh!! Cute Peter!!)
Alice: ?
Alice: Rabbit?

((A dressed rabbit running?))
((That's not only strange, but also impossible!))
((I stand up fast)

Alice: Ouch!

((I suddenly felt dizzy because of the fast get up.))
(( Maybe I'm with low pressure, since my head hurts.))

Alice: ...
Alice: ...
Alice: It's only a rabbit, anyway...

((There really are many rabbits around the place, a dressed one is not that surprising.))

I'm just that tired...
I'll go back to sleeping.

*She closes her eyes*

Alice: ...


Rabbit: Hey, you! This is when you start chasing me! (His voice is sooo cute!! >3<)
Rabbit: Why have you been ignoring me? It would be a waste if you did not chase me!

((The rabbit is talking))
((Well... There still are a lot of rabbits around the place.))
((One that is wearing clothes or speaking might not be that strange...))

Alice: (Well, it is strange...)
Alice: I might be really tired, I will sleep now.

» The rabbit starts telling her that she will have a dark future ahead if she keeps on being that lazy, she starts to wonder if that's THAT normal, to be scolded by a rabbit, and goes back to sleeping. The rabbit insists on her and she starts to pretend that she is sleeping, hoping that he would ignore her. She starts to feel dizzy and when she opens her eyes again...

Alice: Ehhhh?
Peter: Please, don't scream like that near my ears. (Peter's voice is so... <3)

» She starts to pay attention to his ears, and thinks that they are his charming point. She describes him as a smart-looking guy, and wonder how it would be to have such long ears. She apologizes for shouting and note how the ears twitch from time to time. Then, he get her on his arms and start going away. She asks him to be freed and he answers that he will when they get "there". She mentions how being held by a handsome guy like him would embarrass any girl, but for now that's not the point.

((While carrying me around he approaches a hole.))
Alice: HOLE?
Alice: (Whaaat? What on earth is a hole this big doing in the garden?)
White Rabbit: Well, I wonder why.
Alice: What do you mean? Why Why? Why?
White Rabbit: Well, why I wonder why;

((I've never seen this hole before! I can't even seen the bottom))
((This hole is not supposed to be out here.))
((When was it even dug? I don't remember at all.))

» Peter wonders about the hole and, without thinking, jump in while holding Alice.


»Whille falling, Alice gets desperate and starts screaming while wondering why the rabbit is so suicidal and that she doesn't want to die neither want to have any kind of relation with him. (Oh plz Alice, you do. I'll prove it.)

White Rabbit: Please do not shout in my ear...!
White Rabbit: Also, I'm not suicidal, it's terrible to call me suicidal!

» She ignores him and keep on telling how deep the hole is.

Alice: Kyaaaahhh!!
White Rabbit: Please shut up!
My ears hurt! (Kin Kin *3*)
White Rabbit: We're inside a hole, so please don't scream!
Please, be silent!
Alice: YOU shut up!! You rabbit cosplayer!! Pervert!
Alice: Just because you have this pretty face... You're committing a double crime by kidnapping and committing suicide!
White Rabbit: Co-Cosplayer!?
And also Pervert... so cruel...
White Rabbit: Not only that, you also called me a suicidal rabbit besides a pervert. So cruel... even though I really like you...
Alice: (Like me?)

» The sudden confession makes her agree more on the fact that he is a pervert. Also, she adds that he is a very suspicious rabbit, fact hat he does not agree with. He says that he is a honest rabbit that also worries with the time being. They keep on discussing and she concludes that she does not know any other rabbit to use as a comparison with this one, so she can't judge him at all.

Alice: That is a dream.
It's a dream, right?
Peter: Haha, that's not a dream.

» Alice says that if this is not a dream they will both die when they arrive at the end of the hole, to which the Rabbit only moves the ears, not understanding the meaning of "die" at all. After some quarrelling, he admits that he finally understood what she was talking about.

White Rabbit: Ahh, I see what you mean...
White Rabbit: Oh, but... yes...
A human would probably die.
White Rabbit: But I'm a rabbit, so I probably won't die.
Alice: Rabbits would also die!!

((It's impossible to fall from this height and survive, even for a rabbit.))

White Rabbit: Hahaha, I won't die from falling from just this height.
Alice: From this height??

» He tells her that they'll be soon arriving, and she gets desperate by saying that she doesn't want to get there because that means that she will die. The Rabbit doesn't understand, and concludes that she may be addicted to falling, or something like that. He says that he agrees with her and that falling is somewhat fun when having her by his side (<3) But, unfortunately, they are arriving soon.

» Alice starts to think of her post-death moment. She wonders if Lorina would mourn her, but at least she would surely get a nice husband. She also wonders about Edith, if she would cry for her. About her father she is not very sure, since her mother died he became a workaholic, so he is never into the house. She doesn't remember when they last spoke, and considers him a disqualified father, but maybe a good husband, she doesn't know. She also mentions that her father's world became gray after her mother's death.

(( If I died, not much would change.))
((If I died, no one would be that sad.))
((I only regret that it's not something so big as to be regretted.))
((There aren't many people who would miss me at all.))

Alice: There's no other way for me...

((For me... yes...))
((I'm not like my mother was or even my sister is...))


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