Shinsouban Heart no Kuni no Alice [INTRO - Part 2]


((While I open my eyes I can see that familiar scenery around me.))

((A garden full of flowers.
It's peaceful as always.))

Alice: My head hurts...

((Because I got up too fast, my head started to feel dizzy.))

Lorina (Your older sister): You... Isn't that because you've been taking naps outdoors?

(( My elder sister, who was reading a book besides me, started giggling.))

Alice: (Ah... so elegant.)

((While trying to get up, this feeling just crosses my mind.))
((Even while waking up, my sister is beautiful for me.))
((She may look common to some, but for me, she is the brightest. ))
((To say that her laugh is like a flower may be a little exaggerated, but this comparison is needed. ))
((I'm totally different...))

Alice: (I'm sure that people notice it, our difference.)
Lorina: You're also an adult now. You should act more like a lady.

((My elder sister is really kind. She is an elder sister or an mother who is always nearby. Not like my busy parents))

((I didn't want to disagree, so I kept answering"Yes" lightly..))

Alice: (I wonder if someday I'll also be able to become a lady like my sister...)
Alice: (Just like my older sister...)
Alice: (...)
Alice: (Nah, it's impossible)

((Just by the way I keep on sleeping on the garden I can see that it's a far away road.))
((I stare at my elder sister while laying in the floor... Sloppy, that suits me better ))
((I'm happy by just being beside beautiful things, by admiring these beautiful things.))
(( I like Sundays. Having to go early to the church surely is a hassle, but at least I can get recovered as soon as I get a warm sunbath. ))
((Rather than going to the church, I prefer to spend my time like this now.))

Alice: (...)
Alice: What's that... I seem to have had a strange dream.

((I spoke to her while purring... I tried to sound cheerful while talking ))

Lorina: A dream...? What kind of dream?

(( What kind of dream...?))
((Not a dream about beautiful things in this garden, but something dark, full of pain))
((Far away in the deep... It felt like I was going down...))
(( And even if I knew that it was a dream, I felt like I wasn't coming back again.))

Alice: (...)

((But it wasn't a nightmare...))
(( It was very strange, when I felt like going back I started to float, and didn't feel terror of it, just relief. ))
(( It was dark and painful, but still felt safe. ))


Alice: Hmmm... I can't really remember the details...

» Alice starts talking about a game, but she still can't remember well the details. Her sister gets a little confused and asks Alice to forgive her if she is not giving her enough attention lately. Alice explains that her sister's boyfriend has recently became a novelist, so she spends all of her time reading and reading

Lorina: No, I've read in that book of psychology that dreams are often expressions of desire.
Lorina: Well... The meaning of dream as a need to fulfil desires comes from Freud's theory.
Lorina: Of course it says that not all the dreams are like this, but the theory of dreams as symbols of desire is often agreed.

» Alice is impressed by her sister's knowledge and starts to think about their difference. She really admires her and look up to, someday, be as bright as she is, but deep inside she is still insecure about it, emphasizing their difference in both looks and intelligence.

Alice: Heey, what are you reading today? Is that book about psychology?
Lorina: Oh, this book? Well... you could say that... it's a fairytale, pretty much like a novel.

» Alice gets surprised by the fact that her sister is actually reading a Fairytale, since she always read difficult things. She hurries to explain that she is not looking down on it, but that she really got impressed. Lorina tells her that, even like that, the book is pretty difficult, and it tells a tale about a girl that falls into Wonderland and strange adventures starts, and she meets a rabbit.

(( I swing my arm saying that I want to take a break. It seems like it will be a long story. ))
((To tell the truth, I just want to talk so that I won’t get sleepy. I don’t want to hear all those details because I don’t have interest in that book. ))

Alice: I prefer shortcuts...
Alice: The main character is taking part in an adventure, right? How does it end?
Lorina: The ending? You really want to know the ending already?
Alice: I’m a straight type, so I want to know the criminal or the tricks they used before reading mystery. So please tell me a summary of the story.

» Lorina tells her that she has always been like this, but agrees to talk more about the story. She tells her about the trial and the Queen, and that the girl is trying to scape from Wonderland. Alice gets all worked up but soon disappoints when her sister tells her that, in the end, it was all only a dream. Lorina explains that this fairytale was made for adults to enjoy, so Alice concludes that she probably wouldn't like it, as it doesn't fit her taste.

Lorina: Oh... you say that kind of thing again...
Lorina: You're not a child anymore. You're very smart. Your school grades are high and you are always praised by the teacher.
Alice: But those aren't a challenge at all...
Alice: Also, have you gone to my interview at college? You don't need to do this kind of thing, as they're not your obligations!
Lorina: It's nothing like that... I'm replacing mother while that.

((I try to avert contact with that gentle gaze.))
(( Lorina Lidell. My older sister that acts as my mom.))

» Alice keeps on telling how gentle and caring her sister is, and mentions her busy father, that does not have time for her. Her sister scolds her for talking like that, but she says that it is just a little bit of sarcasm from her part. She mentions how it's easier for her to just act as a child, and tells us that she has a younger sister called Edith that often misunderstand her actions. She complains a little about her father and tries excuse herself saying that she actually doesn't care as long as he pays her school expenses, and that it is enough for her. She keeps on talking about her family, that her mother died and now her older sister has to act as her mom all the time, and that it bothers her.

» She mentions that her sister does not accept to marry since she feels like she has the duty of taking care of Alice and Edith. This makes Alice afraid of being guilty of keeping her sister unmarried and that she may even "lose" this phase of her life.


Alice: (It cannot be helped. I'm still a child after all.)

» Alice goes back to talking about school and tells that she is not an amazing students and wonder if the teacher was being sarcastic with Lorina. Her sister asks her if everything is going well in the school and Alice tells her that she has a lot of friends, but thinks that she is hiding something else. She doesn't want to trouble her older sister.

» Then she goes back talking about her family, that it's pretty rich and that they even have maids and a tutor for the girls. She starts to talk about how she isn't cut for the role of being sociable or affectionate.


((I'm not as innocent as Edith or even as elegant as elder sister...))

Alice: (At least I can pretend well...)

((I cannot be graceful all the time, but maybe I could just pretend about it...))
((Sister does not have this kind of problem, she can talk to anyone.))

» She talks a little about her school and how the bully works around there, she keeps on saying that schools got to be fun and thanks her sister about everything. Lorina mentions how Alice has been growing and that she feels a little lonely about it. She says that she hopes to spend more moments like that. After a gloomy moment, Lorina asks Alice if she wants to play something.


Lorina: What will it be? Chess? Othelo?
Alice: It's okay, there's no need...
Alice: Really, I don't want to play anything.
Also, you're anxious to finish this book, right?

((My sister really is considerate. But I'm not feeling like it right now.))
((I don't want to play right now. I don't want a game.))
((That strange dream from before... it might have been a forced thing rather than something that I wished for?))
((It was more like "You can't stop playing" rather than "I want to play it."))

: Don't be such a heartless person. You can't play a game alone.
Lorina: It has been so long since we last played a game.
Alice: I know that you said it, but there's no need for such...
Lorina: If a boardgame is too troublesome, why don't we try a card game for now?
Lorina: Hmm, so... there are many types of Card games. What about Trumph card?
Alice: Trumph?

((My heart suddenly throbs))

Lorina: What about Thrump? There are many ways to play it.
Alice: Then... okay.... Trumph game, let it be.

((My body is pulsing just like my heart.))
((Yes... it's not like I cannot. I don't feel like I cannot play Trumph.)) >> She is feeling like she doesn't have an option.

*loud sound*

Alice: The rules.
Lorina: Eh? What did you say?
Alice: What? Have I said anything?

*Alice blinks slowly*

((I'm suddenly feeling sleepy. My eyelids are closing.))

Lorina: Haha, Oh Alice you're still half-asleep.
Lorina: While at that, I'll get the Trumph. Don't sleep while waiting for me!

*Lorina goes away*

((After putting a bookmark, my sister goes away.))

Alice: Yes, I'll be waiting.
Alice: Waiting...
Alice: ...

» Alice blinks slowly again and starts to doze off, saying that she will be waiting for her sister, even though she is very sleepy. But she wants to endure it, and remember that her family used to play trumph card in the past.


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