Cosplayer Memo - 2005 / 2014

It's has been so long since I've been dreaming with this collage!
I've made so many costumes that I've lost count of them during the years, so I believe making a Memo like this is a pretty nice idea!

I've been a cosplayer since 2005, and I had some up and downs in this hobby... I believe the characters I choose have a lot to say about those times of my life... Not only that, it's nice to see the photography evolution through these photos.

So, let's get down to numbers: (My favourite part!)

Costumes: 70
Male Characters: 9
Female Character: 60
Unknown Sex: 1
Hardest costume: Valdo
Easiest: Amane Misa (Was that even a costume?)
Most photographed by: Arthur Araújo (24 photoshoots)
Favourite male cos: Valdo
Favourite female cos: Esther
Most enjoyable to sew: Kirin
Prettiest (in my opinion): Sakura Ch100
Most expensive costume: Marie Antoinette (DEM shoes)
Cheapest: Inori - Departures
Most cosplayed Char: Miku Hatsune (4 versions and more coming!)
Artbook version: 7
Game chars: 16
Non-Japanese media: 4
Fastest sold: Kuroko
Cosplayed together mostly with: Ryou ( - 5 times
Dream costume (Still haven't made) Suigin Tou
Ratio: 7 costumes / year
Most costumed series: Vocaloid (5)
First real phtoshoot: Belarus (by Tsukawaii)
Last photoshoot: Sakura (Summer uniform) by Matheus Assunção
Some things are nice to note:
2009 was the year I was trying to enter the university.
2005 and 2006 were years when I only used costumes on Anime-conventions here in my city
In 2011 I started making costumes only for shooting
2010 was when I tried to win costume contests here where I live.
First made a skit in 2006 (Sakura, in a group) and 2007 (Shiroma, alone)
I first made Tohru in 2005 and remade the entire costume in 2013

And that's it! <3 <3 Hope you enjoy it!


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em 2013 vc fez mais cosplays q eu fiz a vida toda, eu acho UAHUAUHAHUAHUA 8DDD
Eu não consigo fazer mais do que 2 ou 3 por ano, já acho sofrido fazer um! Mas tbm tem o fator grana, como não sei costurar, tenho que gastar fortunas com costureiras careiras x.x aí dificulta um bocado =(

um dia vou aprender *o*~~~ preciso fazer os 89327894758937489574 cosplays de lol que eu quero UHAHUAUHAUHAUHA XD
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