Meme: 100 Things in my bedroom that make me happy

So, I've decided to try this Meme now with 100 things in my room that make me happy :)
The hardest part was, actually, to upload these pics and get the direct link. Ahahah /lazy

1.Small temple made of matchsticks

2. Happy Pills

3. Three kingdoms Collection

4. My first safe. It's pokemon themed.

5. My FFT collection (missed some in this pic)

6. Shara

7. Get Marked Collection

8. Hakuouki Collection (missed some novels there)

9. This music-box

10.My first published book

11. My keyboard

12. Royal Diaries Collection

13. Medals

14. Gawaine's painting

15. My Ehru <3

16. Glass Apple

17. North and South

18. Papercraft made by my brother

19. Plushies I've made

20. My first dragon sculpture

21. Music box filled with real feathers

22. Music sheets

23. Hundreds of cute unused Stickers

24 & 25. Mikhail and Almah

26.Persona manga (With Phantom's route)

27. This old jewellery box

28. Cosplay Crowns

29 & 30. Gifts from two very deary friends <3

31. Gayish coat

32. Hikari

33. The view from my window

34. Pastel collection

35. My first video-game

36. Fushigi Yuugi's collection

37. Effective Japanese learning material

38. Wigs

39. Yuki

40. Cosplays

41. This winter shirt

42. Exotic fabrics scraps

43. This Flowery dress

44.Sewing Mannequin

45. Collection of cute bags

46. Letter box

47. Drawing book collection

48. Sewing magazines

49. Contract guy

50. Toinette (Yeah, that's the head's name)

51. TCC box

52. Books that I wrote

53. Pink GBA

54. Drawings that I got as gifts

55. Shaman King poster

56. Chouette

57. Dietrich's book

58. Bed

59. Photo board

60. Slayers collection

61. Shadowscapes Tarot

62. Doll boxes

63. Fake Cherryblossom branch

64. Barbie Diskman

65.This juice box

66. Luts Box filled with BJD accessories

67. Monster Rancher figures (used to play A LOT with them)

68. Mini pokemon figures

69.Pokémon cards from cheetos

70. Pokemon TCG Collection

71.First original game that I bought with my own money

72. Sakura Stationery

73. First story with Laz was written here

74. Saint Seiya book, given by my parents

75. Drawing Drawer (since 1998)

76. Sakura Club

77. My piano compostions

78. This keychain. I used it through my whole basic-school

79.First story in Hiral was written here

80.Fluorescent stars

81. Jan-ken-po POkemon figurines

82. Dress collection

83. Favourite winter shirt

84.Plush Duck. Used to sleep with it.

85.Digimon prizes

86. Second Bed

87. Gawaine

88. Yu-gi-oh Prizes from cheetos

89. Bear brooches

90. Loli shoes

91. Fake Yu-gi-oh! Cards

92. Mami Jewellery

93. This place under my desk (I used to sleep there when I was younger)

94. WIP costumes

95. My Drama CDs

96.Otome Games (no pic of them, of course, hehe)

Missed pics:
97. Cosplay Fabrics (Tons of them)
98. Disk collection with Gundam W pictures
99. Heart no Kuni Alice manga collection with Peter
100. My collection of Pajamas


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Private :

No title

Adorei que o Shadowscapes Tarot entrou na lista *o*~~~~

Re: No title

> Adorei que o Shadowscapes Tarot entrou na lista *o*~~~~
Ahahah eu adoro ele muito! <3

No title

LAZ ! *-* que adorável xD

Como eu sinto saudades do meu quarto no BR! :(( Pedi até pra minha irmã ir lá com a webcam e girar 360 graus xD

Aqui graças a Deus eu tenho um quarto só pra mim, e na verdade ele é até maior que o meu quartinho xD Mas nunca que vai ser a mesma coisa :/ Na medida do possível eu tento deixar ele mais 'a minha cara', mas eu não quero comprar nada aqui que eu não possa trazer de volta pro BR *pessoa pão-dura* xD

Faltou só você tirar uma foto do quarto como um todo pra finalizar o tópico!! :DD

Enfim, seu blog é um cute cute e eu sempre dou uma lidinha !

Um beijo :**

Re: No title

Ahahah obrigada Taty! \*3*/
Ele está tão bagunçado ultimamente que só dá pra mostrar por partes, uhahuauha. No dia que ficar arrumadinho eu tiro uma foto inteira dele! XDDD

Nossa, eu imagino como deve ser ;__; Mas aos poucos ele vai se tornando um tantinho "você" também! Ahaha obrigada <33

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