[Trick or Alice ] - Drama CD (Light) +18


(This Drama CD is 18+. It's not recommended to underages. It contains mature content.)

Personal Review: Light, as always, is quite cute on this DramaCD <3 Surprisingly, this one reminds me of one of Shuu's (Dialovers) Drama CDs, where the Heroine had to take all the initiatives so as to make the Drama CD's story go on. You'll both go take a bath and then Alice starts to throw some ideas at Light. In an overall, this one is quite nice. (Better than Mouse's of course.)

It is recommended that you listen to it after clearing the game

The * marked are those that I couldn't really get the meaning.

Trick or Alice
Situation Drama CD
Be loved

[0:14] *Water sounds*
The weather is quite good...

In a day like this... why am I so sleepy?
*sleeping sounds*

[00:40] *water sounds*
You... what are you doing?

*Alice tries to get away from the pool/fountain*
Let me lend you a hand!

*He also falls into the water*

[01:04] I slipped...
What is it?
Ah....! You're right!
Give me your hands for now.

Now, get up.
Here, my hand.
From now on I'll absolutely keep you from falling over again.

[01:34] *Shower sounds*
Is there some place where I haven't rinsed enough? (Oh Light!)

Oh, that's right.

*Turns off the shower*
Now, next is the body. (Ja, tsugi wa karada ga wa~)
I'm fine...!
I can wash my head by myself.

My hair is not as long as yours. (Hehe)
It's true!
*you push him*
Hgg Hey!

*turns the shower on*
I understand, I understand!
So, please smile.

[02:20] Hey...
Is that okay?
There's no itchy point.
Is it really okay?

So let's make it fast...

It's not like I don't want you to be here.(Not sure of this one. If you know, please correct me.)
I'm just in low spirits, as usual.

[02:45] *Sprinkling water*
Finished? What are you waiting for?
... idiot!
Your face is all red because of the steam! (of the hot water... yes...)

[03:04] My body is fine! And you were doing it all by yourself...
More importantly, your body is also reddish.

Is it okay?
Is it really okay?

*turns the shower on again*
Okay, I understand it all!
Hey! Alice!

You... (omg, such a violent voice *3* <3)
I wonder if you're teasing me.
It's useless to lie since I see it straight in your face.

Since we have already washed each other's hair, I believe it's now time to wash the body...

What's up with that face?
It's all right!
It'll surely be relaxing. (???)

[04:00] *kiss*
So... You're sensible in the ears...
In the earlobes... *keeps on kissing*
Here too...
...Is beautiful.

Here... in the back of the neck...

From the back of your ears, to your feet...
I'll play around with everything.

Now that I look at you, I have to properly clean your chest... *starts kissing it*

[05:00] Specially the tip of your breast...
After all... Your hand is all mine. (??)

I'm not lying.
See, it's already pointing out. (その証拠にこんなに尖って。/??)

[05:21] I was waiting for that...
It got hard so fast... (The tip of your breast.) Since when have you become so lascivious?

[05:45]*gucha sound*
Hm? What is it?
You can put out if you want.
This feeling... is going all through my body...

[06:06] Your hand is so small...
And your fingers are so cute.
Also, the tip of your fingers... Everything on you is beautiful. (again?)
*kissing, licking, sucking*

[06:28] *gentle laugh*
Are you feeling it on your fingers?
You're really lewd...! (Well, we're taking a bath together and you start sucking on my fingers while using this dense voice... What'd you expect, boy?)

[06:38] That's awesome.
Ah, yes...
We should also wash here...!
*strong gucha sound*

Ohh... You're so dirty...
But sit still, because I have to clean everything

[07:03] You're already so wet!
My fingers are being entangled by your body.

Oh..! Hey!
You're 'pulsing' down here.
That's... I'm also feeling this good.

[07:34] At this rate, I can't hold myself anymore...
I'll go ahead...
It means a lot to me.

[08:01] Is that ok?

I'll lean you against the wall
Take care not to hurt your head.

Do you want it?


Is everything fine?
So... tiight...


You're so wet...!
Looks like you're melting from the inside.

[08:41] Does it hurt?
I see...
So... just a little more...
It's so slippery inside of you.

I see.
I'm also feeling hot.
We're both like this...
*pants hardly*

You're entirely wet.
It's more slippery than usual.

It's lucky of me to have like this.
I don't want any other guy to be able to see you like this.
It's a treasure.

I'll put it with more strength.
I'll put it stronger...
This feeling is so intense.

What is it? It's so mysterious.
I wish I could be like this to you since the beginning.
*If only I could be more expansive.

[10:08] I wonder if I'm a real man to you.
Doing all this since that time
I have been raising my expectations since that time.

Ahh, let's go.
I'll take everything amongst you.

[11:04] You're all clean now.
You seemed like you were boiling from the inside.
I went a little rough.
Will you forgive me?
Ah.... *kiss*

*washing sounds*

It was good to take a bath with you.
It's better when we have us both here in the darkness.

Even like that...
I don't want to be away from you.
I want to be even closer, like this...

Oh yeah,
You were struggling really hard before falling into the fountain.
What were you doing?
You don't know?
You lost something
And then fell into the fountain...
Although you say you lost something you don't know exactly what is that.
That's kinda strange...
I'll accept this bath that we took as a token of you apologize.

Today was good.

Take care not to fall into the water anymore.
Specially if there's a guy in there.




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