[Ken Ga Kimi - 剣が 君 ] PROLOGUE II


Man 1: Ahh, it's so cold!
Man 2: You're right! We're still far from a real spring-time.
Man 1: Yeah, the Plum and Cherry trees still haven't bloomed.


The land of the rising sun - Hinomoto (日の本)

Whenever your cycle of life(Samsara - 輪廻) finishes, you go to the Tokoyo, where time flows endlessly. Such a country, together with it's inconsistencies, has two quite different worlds that coexist. (The ethereal world and the physical world)

In this world there are people, onis and youkai living together.
While at that, there's a God called Marebito that runs Tokoyo.

This world and the eternal one are conected by five different roads
But, even if we assume that they are connected...
Nobody was able to really prove it.

However, the people of this world believe in Marebito's protection since ancient times.
To avoid or calm natural disasters, people have been offering countless sacrifices while trying to borrow his (Marebito's) powers.

In this physical world, humans are the most powerful beings.

The faces and manners of the onis aren't different of the people's.
But the place they live was actually inherited by the oni's ancestors,
because of that they make a real effort to protect their land.

The Youkais (妖怪) live in deeper forests and caves, far from where Onis live.
These three races strive not to interfere in each other's business as much as possible
And they have been coexisting until the present day.


Year 1231.

A grand war started、
its motivation was the large famine of the Kanki Period.
People and Oni started confronting themselves.

“Jinki (Hito人+oni鬼) no Ran (People and Oni's war)”
had begun.

At first it was only a small quarrel,
but soon it began to get bigger until it became a real war.

The Oni King (Ura) kept fighting the humans in Shiroyama (White, Snow Mountain) until the last minute.
But humans eventually won.

The Onis were compelled by the people to abandon their swords.
Then it started the so called "Sword hunt" or "Sword confiscation)"

After that the onis weren't allowed to have swords (oh, rly?)

----After some time...

The Edo era starts and peace is seen through the whole land.
After the war, it was natural to see Samurais parting from their swords.
It was mostly because of the lost battle of Sekigahara and the increasing popularity of gunpowder weapons.

The value of the swords soon started to decrease and the samurais (now ronins) started to lose their place among society.

Fearing the militar decline of the country, the Tokugawa Shogunate enacted the "Four occupation system"

With that, the Samurai's ranks were protected and the abandoning of swords was prevented.


Man 1: Oh yeah, isn't it time for that Sword Competition already?
Man 2: Oh, that reminds me. It's spring already? It's already on season for the samurais to start gathering in Edo.
Man 1: Samurais, uh? They're only good when they're not drunk by sake!
Man 2: Hahaha, that's not like it!

This "Sword retrieval Tournament" that the tradesman of Edo talks about referees the Tokugawa's family event that is held every spring. Man in arms are gathered and then compete with each other to see who is the strongest. The winner will have one wish granted, together with a title, money or whatever they want. After the success of this first tournament, a lot of other countries started to make it.

Man 1: This year they say that they'll present the Five swords... Oh dear, How I wanted to see them!
Man 2: What are you talking about!? It's better if you do not see them at all, there's always the possibility of Youkais appearing!
Man 1: Is that true? But if I had such a sword I would be able to get rid of all monsters!
Man 2: Wha... only the samurais need this way of life (武士道), we don't need that!

However, the present tournament in Edo is, somewhat, special.

The fights not only happen in front the of Shogun himself, but the winner also gets one of the heavenly swords (which can destroy youkais) as their reward. The winner will also be named after the “Ichiban Katana ( 一番刀) or The Best (first) Sword”,


These 5 heavenly swords...

鬼丸国綱 (Onimaru Kunitsuna)

童子切 (Doujigiri)

大典太 (Oudenta)

三日月宗近 (Mikazukimunechika)

数珠丸 (Juzurmaru)

Those five...

The chance to have one of these five swords is given to the Winner of Edo castle's Tournament.

However, there's just one chance. And you can't choose the sword, it1s the sword that chooses the master.

The person chosen to be the sword receives the power of god, able to seal youkais, that one power that every common man desires.

It surely is a miracle that one person can load the god's power by holding one sword.


---- Edo - Bright days.

In those bright days it is believed that the true way of the samurai requires you to participate in the Edo's tournament.

Many different thoughs reunited people right now: Those who lost their way in the path of samurai, those who purely want the five swords, those who stain their swords with revenge... These together form the scenario that is unravelled now.


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