[PersonA ~Opera Za no Kaijin~ ] フィリップの贈り物 (Philip's gift)

フィリップの贈り物 (Philip's gift)

Philip paid me a visit in the dressing room while I was resting.
He then suddenly looked at the clock after we chatted for a while.


Philip: It's past the time already?
Philip: Time surely flies whenever I'm with you.
Laz: Eh? Is that so...?

Philip is amazing for being able to say things like this...

Laz: I also get really entangled while taking with Philip.
Philip: Oh, that's something that makes me glad.

Philip smiles softly.

Philip: I heard that you've been practising quite a lot lately.
Philip: If you're okay with that, I'll help you in any way possible.
Laz: Thank you very much.

Philip is so gentle...

Philip: Then, it's time already.
Laz: Ah, yes.

We both stand from our seats.

Philip: Oh, I almost forgot about it.

Philip took a slender box out of his jacket while saying so.

Philip: It's already time, but I wanted to give this to you.
Laz: ?

Philip gives me the box.
What's that?
I watched his face while wondering myself.

Philip: It is a "thank you gift" for that other day when you came to my house.
Laz: Eh...

But, wasn't I the one being invited there...? Should I receive something for that?

Philip: Please, open it.
Laz: Eeh? Y-yes...

Following Philip's request, I opened the box.

Laz: ...

A necklace made of pearl shinned through the box.
I instinctively gaze at its beauty.

Laz: I-is that for me?
Philip: Of course it is for you.

It's clear to me that this one is a very expensive jewel, even if it is not very detailed.
I can't accept something so... expensive.

Laz: I... cannot accept it... It's too expensive for me.
Philip: As a singer of the Opera House, it is acceptable to wear this kind of thing.
Laz: ...

Philip took the necklace out of the box.


Philip: Excuse-me...
Laz: Ah...

Philip's long fingers caress my hair while putting it away.
And puts the necklace on me with his skilled hands.

Philip: It really matches you...

Philip got a mirror and showed me the necklace that was put on my neck.
It's beautiful, however...

Laz: It is extremely beautiful.
Laz: But, something as precious as this...
Philip: You don't have to hold back.
Philip: This one was chosen exclusively for you, so please accept it.
Laz: ...

It was impossible for me to refuse Philip's radiant smile any more.
...Is it okay?
He was making such an effort for me...
Should I accept it for the time being?

Laz: T-thank you very much!

Even if a little consternated, I said thanks to Philip.

Philip: No,、I insist so that you can become the Prima Donna as soon as possible.
Laz: Yes, I'll work hard.


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