[Ken Ga Kimi - 剣が 君 ] PROLOGUE

(See mistakes? Please comment so I can correct! Don't forget that this is a Free translation.) Also, I've put a lot of Wikipedia links in some words, that may help understand this story better.


Winter - 1633 (Kan'ei Era.)

Asakura Nobumasa: Snow...? One year has already passed since Tadanaga-sama has been isolated in Takasaki castle, in Ueno country (上野国).

(A shinobi arrives with news)

Shinobi: Chief. I bring News.
Asakura Nobumasa: What is it?
Shinobi: Ah...It's from the chief councillor of Takasaki, from Suruga provincy...
Asakura Nobumasa: What has happened with Tadanaga-sama?
Shinobi: He... committed suicide(自刃).

Asakura Nobumasa: Wha... Where!?

Shinobi: I've heard that it all happened in the Daishin Temple in Takasaki... He lost his rank and that's how it seems to be...

Asakura Nobumasa: What... Tadanaga-sama... like that...Even if the shogunate gives this kind of treatment... That's surely regrettable...


Asakura Nobumasa: ...

Asakura Nobumasa: And how about Choushichirou (seems like he is Tadanaga's son) ? Is he really safe in Takasaki Castle?

Shinobi: Yes. Choushichirou has already been encountered. We have already prepared a horse, which was sent to pick him in the hidden village of Hida.

Asakura Nobumasa: I see...You did well, it was Tadanaga's wish to keep his son well guarded.
Asakura Nobumasa:Do that without failing.

Shinobi: Yes. This hidden village is also filled with people that don't agree with Tokugawa's 'Christianization' policy.

Shinobi: In that way, they really care for Choushirou's safety. But... even if they do respect him...

Asakura Nobumasa: But?

Shinobi: The head chief of the village believes in the teachings of the 'Marebito'. It's rather worrisome.

Asakura Nobumasa: Marebito? That's kind of mysterious, but even like that...
Asakura Nobumasa: We're in no position to deal with this matter now. Choushirou has only this place to stay for now, so it can't be helped.

Shinobi: Chief...

Asakura Nobumasa: Right, I should also go to Hida country. Prepare a horse now!

Shinobi: Yes!

(The Shinobi goes away)

Asakura Nobumasa: I cannot tolerate Iemitsu's move on taking advantage of Tokugawa Hidetata's poor condition to ban Tadanaga from entering Edo. We shall not allow him to disseminate more lies like that.

Asakura Nobumasa: Tadanaga's lose of rank was surely due to his lies, not only that, but his strange disease that led him to Kouzuke Province, and now...

Asakura Nobumasa:Now he even committed suicide...Such Heresy! Tokugawa Iemitsu surely has no right to bear the Tokugawa's family crest (葵のご紋).

Asakura Nobumasa: Damnation will surely descend at him one day...


The third son of the Edo Shogunate second shogun general Tokugawa Hidetada, Tokugawa Tadanaga, took his life. (lol wut.)

Died at the age of 28.


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