[PersonA ~Opera Za no Kaijin~ ] プリマドンナは私? (Me? The Prima Donna?)

(In the cold air of the morning, I went by myself to the opera.)
(Then, a wagon stops near me.)

Laz: Ah...

(That's Richard's wagon.)

You remember last night's events (when you presented in the Opera and didn't had the chance to thank him for everything, plus the events with Raoul and Richard's jealousy.) You think that maybe this is the chance to do so. So, believing in that, you go towards the wagon trying to greet him.

Laz: Good morning!
Richard: Humpf... So, you came.
Laz; Y-yes...
Richard: And I thought that you would be depressed, but you seem quite fine.

(Richard then takes Remy and both start walking.)

(What was that? He seemed a little surprised...)


(I watched both of them enter the service entrance)

(At that time...)

...: Manager Richard! (At this point of the game I'm sure that you are able to recognize this bitchy voice.)

(Shrills run through your body.)

(Carlotta appeared and both of them turned back in surprise)

Carlotta: Could you please wait?
Richard: Oh, so it's Carlotta.

(Richard looked at Carlotta's direction with a smile.)

Richard: What is the problem? You can come to the manager's office if you need to discuss business.
Carlotta: No, here's excellent.

Carlotta seems very irritated but Richard does not seen to be affected by that. She asks about her future in the Opera House. Richard doesn't understand her question and she freaks out:

Carlotta: How can you pretend not to know what's happening? Tell me now who is best suited to be the Prima Donna!? Me or Laz?

(Carlotta points in my direction and talks with a rough voice.)


(Everyone around us start to stare me.)

You start to instinctively retract yourself.

Richard: So is that the matter?

He stares at Carlotta with a smile and tells her that she is the Prima Donna, so there's no need to worry. You get yourself surprised and she asks if that means that she'll keep her current title of Prima Donna. Richard confirms it and she shows herself quite glad with that and bids farewell. But before leaving, she glances at you and smiles. b*tch. Richard goes back into the Opera without saying anything and you start to sulk with the fact that Carlotta is the real Prima Dona. You confess that you actually were expecting for that, but it became painful when said out loud.

I can't believe in it... So cruel, right?


(Daroga appeared in front of you before you were able to notice it.)

Daroga: Miss, It's hard but please, bear it.
Laz: Daroga-san, you heard it all?

He says that just part of it, and that they're all talking too loud. You start to think that he is a good person (but sorry, he has no routes, girl.) He wonders what are you doing in a place like that and looks up to the Opera. You answers that being in the Opera is something that you find really amazing, and that being able to be -even if only once- the Prima Dona is something that really made you happy. Daroga tells you to never forget this feeling.

Daroga: But...

(Daroga's face suddenly becomes serious.)


Daroga: I just hope that the Phantom doesn't get angry.
Laz: Uh?

You notice how he changed a little while muttering. What was the meaning of that?



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