[PersonA ~Opera Za no Kaijin~ ] 鶏がら (Richard's dinner)

鶏がら chicken? lol - Richard's dinner

So, after accepting Richard's invitation to dinner (even if you had practice that day lol) and meeting disappointed!Raoul outside the office, it's time for you to dinner with Richard-sama.

Laz: I'm sorry for keeping you waiting!


Richard was already awaiting for you outside the opera, together with the wagon.

Richard: You're late! Let's go.
Laz: Y-yes!

He takes your hand forcibly and you both go to a fancy restaurant. The owner seems to already know Richard and then bring you two to a reserved seat.

Laz: Richard-sama, is it alright?

He doesn't understand what you're trying to say, and then you say that this place looks all expensive.


(omg of course it is! He's a high-level bachelor!!)

He still is quite confused but then he says with a smile:

Richard: Omae wa Baka ga!? -> Are you stupid?
Laz: Uh?

He says that it is a place that he knows for a long time and that he hasn't come there to enjoy a meal with you (tsuntsun?). You get confused and he asks if it is possible for you to become the Primma Donna with that weak (鶏がら / chicken) body of yours. You get angry with his comment and he notices that. Then...


He approaches you and talk near your ear.

Richard: We're not coming back until you eat everything. (ohh mama Richard! You're just like Reiji!)

You tremble by feeling his whisper near your ear and gets away from him. He smiles when noticing your behaviour.

Laz: (Was... Was I teased just now?)

Then the waiter comes and serves you your dish, but Richard doesn't have a plate.


Laz: Richard-sama, aren't you going to eat?

He says that he is there to work, and that is his job to ensure that the Prima Donna keeps a healthy body. You get a little disappointed (ohh c'mon, he's just a tsundere!) and confess that is a little sad that he's actually worried about the job, and doesn't want to enjoy that time alone with you.

The waiter brings the dessert and you're really impressed with it, shouting how awesome it looks.

Richard: Do you prefer sweet things?
Laz: Yes, I really love them!

Richard gets a relaxed expression while observing you. Behind his glasses, you can see his honest eyes. He says "ohh, I see" an then calls the waiter back. He asks who ordered the desert, while pointing at it. He says that's a gift from the owner, it's a special recipe that he has created. Richard says that he does not want extra things and that he should take the plate back. You get really surprised at it because you said that you loved it.

Richard: I told you to get strength, not fat.
Laz: ugh...
Richard: I shall managed all of your behaviour until the end performance in the future.
Laz: What? Do you really need to do that?
Rchard: Yes. Do you have any complaint?
Laz: No...

You shake your head as if to say no, but you can't avoid getting uneasy about it.


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