[PersonA ~Opera Za no Kaijin~ ] INTRO II

After crossing the front of the Church, one can reach the cemetery.


I put some flowers over father's grave, while remembering that time when the three of us used to live together as a family.

I remember how I used to enjoy those days and soon my eyes become teary.

Laz: "Father, where is brother Kyle now...?"

Laz: "Must I be this lonely ? "

Laz: " ...... "

Laz: "I'll come later, it's time for me to go. "

After visiting my father's grave I went to the church near there to greet the Priest (she calls him Father too lol).

When I entered Father (the Priest) handed me a daisy bouquet and an envelope without the sender's name.

This have already happened many times...

Since my father died, I've been receiving it each time that season changes...

Inside the envelope there's a message and enough money for me to live well for the next months.

And the message inside it is always the same:

"My Lady, hope fortune visits you."

I was only able to survive up until now thanks to this person.

Also, because of this person that I was able to attend the music school.

But... even if I really wanted to show my gratitude, I'm not able to...

Father (The Priest) also doesn't seen to know this person.

But I really wanted to be able to meet you and say "Thank you".

I give goodbye to Father and return to my house.


Laz: "I'm home, dad , brother Kyle."

When I look at these photos, is almost like I'm able to talk with them.

In this photo I can see me, brother Kyle, dad and two boys.

Laz: " Father , brother Kyle..."

Laz: "I've got to sing tomorrow in the cafe. "

Laz: " After all , even if my dream of becoming a prima donna did not come true , I'm still able to sing. Isn't that nice? "

Laz: " And today received money from the mysterious man in the church again..."

Laz: "Father, brother Kyle, who is that person that is sending me money?"

Even if I asked, there would be no way for them to answer me, so they just kept smiling.

Surrounded by brother Kyle and dad, I, too young , smiled happily .

When I think back, I realize how happy I was.

But the happiness didn't last long.

Some time after this, brother Kyle goes missing.

Father was so shocked at that time that he fell into bed. The he passed away, while waiting for Kyle, who never returned home.

Brother Kyle, where did you go?

What are you doing now...?


I still keep the letter that father wrote to Kyle here over the desk drawer.

From father, this letter...

Will the day that you return ever come, brother Kyle?

There's another blond boy near me.

He was dressed like a noble, but he is very cheerful and lively. As a Viscount, he was too far from me...

I became friends with Raoul after he handed me my hat back, which was stuck in the tree after a strong wind.

We ended making a innocent promise of marriage, even if it was impossible for us to be together.F

Raoul suddenly went back to Paris, and I haven't ever heard from him, not even once.

I wonder if he is alright.

If I think now, those bittersweet memories make my chest ache a little.

And... there's one more person...

There's this boy with black hair standing before us.

This boy, I wonder who he is. (who//)

It is expressionless , but he has a beautiful face.

I can't really remember anything about this boy...

While I try to remember, I can only see a dense fog in my memories.

I just know that I was laughing out of joy, together with those boys...

Those were happy days...

While looking at the photo , I got immersed in memories of my childhood.


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