Random Rambling~ Another diary post!

Today I had a full day! Wooshh >_>'
I just got back from the ophthalmologist, and everything is okay!
I went there to get a check up and talk about the photophobia that I've been developing recently =__= Gladly, it's just temporary. As soon as the summer is gone and I stop working this much, I'll be healed \o/ And my eyes are just fine ^3^ <3

Well, in the way I went to a japanese store that sells oriental stuff (like Korean Pocky, Japanese rice, chinese sauce, Indian sweets etc...).

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(never buy Korean pockys! They're the worst! >_>)

And managed to find the Mochi rice and Azuki Beans! >3< <3

I had a funny conversation with the saleslady, that was pronouncing the mochi rice as "moxi" rice. So I was like: "Mochi (ti) rice?" and the woman: "No, we only have moxi." lolol Ahaha

I'll use those to prepare mochi sweets filled with red bean pasta ^3^ <3 If it gets nice, I'll share the recipe later!

Not only that, I've also found a rice sweet with glacè and sugar! VERY DELICOUS <3


Then, I went to a bakery and there they had a 1KG bread O3O WOW!
I ended up buying it! Pretty delicious and strong flavoured ;3; <3

I've also gone to a printer place to print more coscards and folders and manuals for my upcoming game ^3^ Hopefully, I'll have a lot of free material to distribute <3

Anyway, this is how I've been speding mostly of my days ;3; Sitting in the chair drawing and programming the next game from my university work... I'm going pretty fast, but there still are a lot to be done...
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Wish me luck!! <333



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