[Sweet Scandal] Amasawa Kaito - Ch2 - His Real Face 10

Laz: Of course!
Amasawa: It's easy to say you've read it.

((he stared at me intently))

Laz: (Is he doubting me?)
Laz: I really did enjoy it.
Amasawa: Tell me what you thought of it, then.

((The stories he writes are very open to interpretation.))

((every person will read it differently))

((So I had to be careful in choosing my words.))

Laz: I can't give a good answer to that so quickly.
Amasawa: So you didn't read it then?

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Laz: I did read it!

((I felt so nervous!))

((I was losing my concentration.))

Amasawa: Tell me about the book then. How did it make you feel?
Laz: (How did it make me feel?)
Laz: (I should be able to answer that, I guess.)

((I tried to think up a good reply.))

Laz: On the one hand, it is a love story.
Laz: But on the other hand it was like a...
Laz: ...prayer from the main character?
Laz: They were searching for something...
Laz: ...well, that's how I read it.

((I couldn't think of the right words to express my meaning.))

((Mr. Amasawa looked up, surprised at me.))

Laz: ...?

((Our eyes met))

((The atmosphere felt tense.))

((Then he looked away.))

Amasawa: Okay...
Amasawa: Anyway, thanks, See you soon.
Laz: Oh yes. Good bye then!

((he didn't even look up at me.))


((Today, I was so rude! I can't believe I fell asleep like that...))

((But I got an interview! What a great day!))

((I'll work just as hard again tomorrow!))


((A few days later...))

Laz: Good morning...

((I rang the doorbell.))

((...and as always, he came to open the door.))

((However, he had wrinkles on his brow today.))

Laz: (He doesn't seem to be in a good mood.)
Laz: (I wonder what's bothering him.)

((I didn't know what to do.))

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Laz: Er..
Laz: (I hoope I won't be mean again.)

((Not knowing what to expect, I was nervous.))

((However, Mr. Amasawa said nothing and went back into the house.))

((As I made to follow him, I noticed something.))

Laz: (Why is it so dark in here?)
Laz: (It felt like it was evening.)


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