Fruits Basket Drama CD - Track #1

[00:01]((Birds and nature))

[00:04]((Alarm clock starts beeping))

Tohru: Hmmmm... is it morning?
Tohru: For some reason, Mogeta-san...
Tohru: I think I've dreamt with Mogeta-san after seeing it earlier...

Tohru: Aah!

[00:21] Tohru: S-sorry! I was still half asleep.

Tohru: Ahh... Hmm...

Tohru: Good morning! I'm Honda Tohru. Nice to meet you.

[00:31]Tohru: It's the second summer that I spend at the Sohma residence, and now we're in the middle of summer holidays. Things here are always very happy and well.

Tohru: Ano...

Tohru: Now then. Today, we're up early. Why? Because we have to go to school today.

Tohru: I should go and start making the breakfast.

[00:51]Tohru: So everyone, let's all have a great day!

[00:57] CD Drama. Let's start with Fruits Basket by Takaya Natsuki.

[01:54] (Cutting food)
Tohru: The rice should be ready soon while the rest of the dishes are ready, and the fish will finish grilling in a moment...
Tohru: Yes! Everything's ready!
Tohru: Hmm... maybe I should make one more dish...
Tohru: I seem to remember here... (Checking the pots) Eh? I thought I put it in here...
Kyo: Hmm?
Kyo: Oi! What're you doing?
Tohru: Ah! Kyo-kun. Good morning! You're up very early. I guess that you were...
Kyo: Never mind that! Behind you. Something's burning!
Tohru: Huh? Now that you mention it... something smells strong...

Tohru:Kyaa! The fish is burning!! N-n-n-n-noooooo...!! Waaahh!! what will we do...
Kyo: Is everything okay?
Tohru: Yes. I believe so.
[02:57]Kyo: You're hopeless...

Shigure: Good morning.
Tohru: Ah Shigure-san. Good morning.
Shigure: (Sniffs)
Shigure:Hmmm... something smells here...
Shigure: This, or should I say, that, looks as if it's going to burn.
Kyo: It's already burnt.
Shigure: Oh, is that true?
Tohru: I'm deeply sorry. But... it's alright! The fish is also alright.
Shigure: Don't worry Tohru-kun. And even if it were burnt, Kyo-kun would endp up eating it anyway.
Kyo: H-hang on a minute. Why me?

[02:37]Shigure: Just kidding! This is a Joke! Don't take everything so seriously. Come on, Don't just stand there Kyo, you should help her out.
Kyo: Tch!
Tohru: Ano... It's alright. Everything's ready.
Shigure: But you have to go to school today right. You can't take thing's too easy or... Oh, yes.... where's Yuki-kun?
Kyo: Hmph. No doubt he's still sleeping. Who's ever heard of a fighter with low pressure?

(Door sliding)

[03:00]Yuki: Good morning.
Tohru: Ah. Yuki-kun!
Shigure: Speaking of the devil...
Tohru: Good morning Yuki-kun. We've got school today--
Yuki: Something smells strong...
Tohru: Eh!?
Yuki: It smells as if something is beginning to burn...
Tohru: Ah.... yes, the fish is... Hmm... Yuki-kun...
Shigure: Hmmm... it seems he's still-
Kyo: Half asleep.
Yuki: I will wash my face...
Tohru: Ah! The bathroom is not through there!
He seems to be staggering. It's dangerous!!

[03:30]Shigure: Low pressure really describes Yuki-kun. Wake up please!
Kyo: Keep going that way and walk right into that wall.
Tohru: Yuki-kun!
Kyo: Alright!
Shigure: He walked straight into the wall just now...
Tohru: Y-Yuki-kun! Are you alright!? Are you conscious?! Yuki-kun!
Kyo: I can't believe it. You're such an idiot!! Ruining that girly face you're so proud of...
Yuki: Ha!
Kyo: Owww
Tohru: Aa
Yuki: Shut up, stupid cat! Don't make such a rufus on my ear. Stupid cat.
Shigure: Did you wake up Yuki-kun?
Yuki: Once again I'm woken up by the stupid cat's stupid voice. Damn...
[04:00]Tohru: Kyo-kun, are you alright? Ahh, what should I do?
Kyo: Damn you!
Tohru: Aah!!
Kyo: Stop calling me stupid you damn mouse!
Yuki: Honda-san, Good morning. We have school today right? We should make sure to not be late.
Tohru: Eh?
Kyo: Hey! Don't ignore me!
Yuki: What is it stupid cat?
Kyo: I'm not stupid.
Yuki: But you're stupid right?
Kyo: I'm not stupid!
Yuki: You're stupid.
Kyo: I'm not stupid!!
Tohru: Both of you...
Shigure: Oh man...
Yuki: That stupid cat. Yes, yes. So you're not stupid, you're not stupid. Yes, yes.
Kyo: Damned mouse. I can't take any more. I'm going to punch you out of yourself today!
Yuki: Aaah~ So annoying.
Tohru: Umm....
Kyo: Here I come damn mouse!
Yuki: Yes yes. Just don't bore me stupid cat.

[04:40]Kyo: I AM NOT STUPID!!!
(punches and fighting)
Shigure: They're they go again...
Tohru: Ahh umm....
Shigure: They sure don't get tired of this. Everyday is like this...
Tohru: Shigure-san, stop them.
Shigure: Hey you both. You'll destroy the house so let's stop...
Tohru: Umm... I didn't mean...
Shigure: Yeah, you're right. Hey you two. Let it go at that. If not... I will give Tohru a kiss!
Tohru: Eh!?
Yuki & Kyo: Stop now you pervert!!
Tohru: Ah. They've stopped. As expected from Shigure-san!
Shigure: I'm not that much! Ahaha!
Kyo: That's a lie. Damn you Shigure! You were serious about that, right?
Tohru: Eh?
Shigure: Ohh... As if... Hehehe...
Kyo: What is it!?
Yuki: Shady...
Shigure: Never mind. In any case, let's eat breakfast. You guys have to go to school.
Tohru: You're right. Or else we will be late. Yuki-kun, Kyo-kun, let's eat.
Yuki: Yes.
Kyo: Dammit. Getting riled up this early...

(At School)

[05:42] Tohru: We only have half of our summer left. Having Yuki help me with my homework has really helped me a lot. That you very much!
Yuki: Don't worry about it. You've also got a part-time job and are busy. Also, everyone's being really serious coming to school today.
Tohru: You're right. Although Uo-chan's taken the day off.
(Momiji comes running)
Momiji: Tohru!!
Tohru: Ah! Momiji-kun!
Momiji: Tohru. Are you ok? Yuki too!
Tohru: Yes! Hahaha. I have. Momiji, you're soaking wet this morning!

[06:14]Momiji: Ehaha! I was really anxious to see you and ran all the way from home. Haru! Over here!
Haru: Yuki...
Tohru: Ah, Hatsuharu-san. Good morning.
Haru: Hmm...
Yuki: Haru. I can't tell if you're just being yourself or if you're suffering from the heat. Try to be a bit more cheerful.
Haru: Hmm...
Momiji: Tohru. Tohru. Should we go out together?
Tohru: I'm sorry. Today I have to work in the evening.
Momiji: Aww... I see. You're really busy. And after we finally got to see each other again... Ah! That's right! How about lunch?! We can have it in the morning today, ne? So, how about lunch? Can we have lunch together?
Tohru: Yes. Of course! Let's eat together!

[06:55]Momiji: Ahh! Alright! Hey, hey. Me. There's something I wanted to try eating. They were showing it on T.V.! You can make it float!
Tohru: To float??
Momiji: Eh... uhhh... hmmm.... Th-throwing soumen!
Haru: Flowing soumen.
Momiji: That's right! Flowing soumen. Ahaha.
Yuki: Flowing soumen? You don't mean...?
Momiji: Yeah yeah. You get a really long bundle, send soumen down and everyone goes together to save them!
Haru: To scoop them.
Momiji: It looked really amazing! I've never done it before!
Yuki: Momiji, that's not something that you can do like that...

[07:29]Tohru: I've never done it either.
Yuki: Eh?
Tohru: I too would like to try it. I've also seen it on T.V. before and it seemed lots of fun.
Yuki: But Honda-san! Even so, that's not something normal families do...
Momiji: Alright! Then it's decided right? Decided! In that case we'll borrow Shi-chan's home and do it together. Haru, you'll join too right?
Haru: Ah. It's ok.
Tohru: Then let's ask Shigure-san if it's okay.
Yuki: Umm you three...

[08:00]Hana-chan: My. Are you going to eat soumen?
Yuki: Gah!
Tohru: Hana-chan. Good morning!
Hana-chan: Good morning Tohru-kun. Summer does mean soumen doesn't it?
Yuki: Ah... You surprised me!
Hana-chan: But you have to use good clean water for soumen. The way it goes down is completely different. Having the smell of chlorine is absolutely out of the question.
Yuki: Hanajima-san...
Hana-chan: And for the sauce, homemade is the best. And the stock is naturally bonito stock. I think that one comes across best. And then with well chilled sauce, you eat like-wise well chilled soumen. It's the taste of summer isn't it?
Yuki: Does that mean... Do you also want to eat it, Hanajima-san?
Tohru: Ah. Is that true? If so, then please won't you join us Hana-chan?
Hana-chan: Sorry Tohru-kun. The condition of today's waves isn't very good.
Tohru: Waves condition?
Yuki: By "waves condition"...
Tohru: I see... That's too bad... But if it gets better, please come join us.
Hana-chan: Alright. At that time, I'll come over. Anyway, see you later Tohru-kun.

[09:04]Yuki: What was that about...?
Haru: Maybe she didn't like soumen?
Momiji: Ah that's right Tohru. Let's go tell Kyo about this!
Tohru: You're right. Let's go ask if Kyo-kun can join us too!
Momiji: Let's go! let's go!
Yuki: Eh? You mean we're really goind to do this?

(School Bell rings)
Momiji: So Kyo...
Kyo: Ahh! Will you stop making such a fuss in my ear first thing in the morning! I'm in a bad mood today!
Momiji: Ahahaha!! Kyo's always in a bad mood!
Haru: Did you lose to Yuki again?
Kyo: Gh! S-s-shut up. If you've got something to say hurry up and say it. What's this about soumen?
Tohru: Umm... We were talking about having flowing soumen for lunch today and were wondering if you'd also join us.
Kyo: What about joining you... You'll be doing it at Shigure's home right?
Tohru: Yes. Although we haven't gotten Shigure's permission yet...
Kyo: In that case, it's only natural that I'll be there too. Don't ask that sort of obvious thing. Haru aside, having Momiji there means things will be really noisy. Aww man... But why did you want flowing soumen all of a sudden?
Is there any meaning to eating something that doesn't fill you up like that? Flowing soumen is only about water. why is there flowing... Flowing? Flowing?? By "flowing" do you mean that "flowing"??

[10:20]Haru: That's right. You send it flowing.
Momiji: And then you scoop them!
Kyo: You guys...
Hana-chan: I think wasabi suits soumen especially well.
Kyo: Ah aah!
Tohru: Hana-chan. Thank you for earlier.
Hana-chan: In our house, adding wasabi is the norm. When put together, the wasabi gives add an strong falvour to the weak soumen and improves the appetite. And, of cours,e the wasabi is freshly grated. The aroma is quite different. Tubed wasabi is out of the question. Tohru-kun, see you later.
Tohru: Okay!
Kyo: Wh-wh-wh-what's with that Wave Girl??
Haru: Like I said, maybe she didn't like soumen?

[11:05]Tohru: So for that reason, we were thinking that we'd like to have flowing soumen for lunch today. Would you allow us then, Shigure-san?
Shigure: But of course. Everyone is happy and friendly together. So have fun like young folks.
Momiji: Alright!!
Tohru: Thank you!
Yuki: Are we really doing this?
Kyo: Seriously?
Shigure: Hey hey. What's wrong with you two? With a good bonito stock based sauce and that delicate, white soumen. This is truly the highlight of summer! The highpoint of flowing soumen. Yes. Summer is definitely cold flowing soumen. That's right flowing... Flowing...? By flowing do you perhaps mean that "flowing"?
Haru: That's right. You send it flowing.
Momiji: And then you scoop them!



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