[Trick or Alice ] - Drama CD (Kuro Usagi) +18

Trick or Alice


(This Drama CD is 18+. It's not recommended to underages. It contains mature content.)

Personal review: Kuro Usagi is my favourite character from Trick or Alice, so it was pretty easy to entangle myself in his voice, tone and moans. The acting is pretty good, specially when he starts to get violent. Sometimes the actor gives a strange "hrr" sound (while trying to make a huge effort) but that's easily surpassed. Usagi-san is usually reserved and polite, so it's nice to get to see him out of his way sometimes. I quite enjoy his possesive character, too bad it's sometimes hidden on the other character's route. Anyway... He shouldn't have lost so much time complaining about the other guy, it started to annoy after some time. Guess that Chesire will be able to cover that part later.

Situation Drama CD
Guilty and Honey
Some Spoilers are included in this Drama CD

It is recommended that you listen to it after clearing the game

[00:20] *steps*

You’re late. Does that mean… That you met him by chance?

Just by looking at you, I can make a lucky guess.

[00:38] *rustles*

I want to talk. Don’t you want to go to a room?

[00:46] *door opening*

[00:52] Since you are spoiled by him, it would be better to stop if you have no “other” intentions.

[00:59] Why do you say that it’s not like that?

[01:02] *scoffs*

He certainly is gentle.

You’re probably loved.

And I guess you also loves him.

[01:17] But, you cannot be happy with him.

[01:26] Is he really that good?

I guess that he may be now doing something behind your back.

Even like that, is he good?

[01:42] Apart from that, It’s not like I dislike him.

It’s just that he is not suitable to you.

[01:51] *huff*

That’s the guidance I can give you.

Do you like him?

[01:59] Hmm… Is that the kind of man that you like?

[02:06] Alice. I didn’t know that you were this weak when seeing a man’s personality. (/like, you misjudge them)

[02:15] I’m not that angry… (/okay…)

*he gets near you*

But… I’m a little disappointed.

*You’re pressed against the bed. He’s over you*

[02:29] *He kisses you violently* (*≧▽≦) Kyaahh!!
Why is that?

Why is that… that you have been captivated by… that man…?

[02:48] *you start moving under him*

That’s useless…

You can’t escape.

You will just run back to that place with that man if you run away again, right?.

[02:56] *moans*

*He starts searching for something while over your body*

That’s a good place to find a ribbon. (uh-oh)

It’s like it’s asking me to tie you up.

*ties you up*

[03:18] This way…

You won’t be able to run away from me.

[03:30] Why… have you stopped resisting?

Stop with that!

Don’t look at me like that!

[03:42] With those eyes…

Do not blame me.

*He suddenly kisses you*

[03:53] Do you look at that man with these same eyes?

That can’t be.

Your eyes get kind whenever you see him… They get warm…

[04:13] Whenever you spot him with your eyes…


You haven’t become someone’s yet…?

*rustling sound. He’s stripping you.*

[04:40] *moans*

Such a soft breast…

It’s so white, it’s prettier than I’ve thought.

[04:57] Has he already seen your breasts like this?

He could not have possibly touched you like this with his hands…

At such times…


[05:19] What was that face?

*deep kissing*

You look scared…


When I lick the tip of your breasts



It starts to raise up…

Don’t you love when it happens?

[05:43] If I do it more gently, more lovable, will it be more inviting?


The tip of your breast is getting harder now…

Has he ever touched this pink part of your body like this?

[06:08] Simply by imagining that… I… feel like killing that man…

*He starts touching you. Wet sounds*



Let me see this face of yours…

Guess you’re really pink…

[06:36] Did he ever made you feel like this?

[06:50] That makes me really frustrated.


Can you hear that?

You’re coming out already…

[07:05] The sounds you’re making don’t deny how you really feel when I put my fingers on you…

[07:17] Still, those eyes of yours...

My heart throbs to think that they (the eyes’ expression) are not mine alone…

[07:33] I’m fine with that.

Even if your heart is with someone else, your body still reacts to the touch.

[07:46] And then… you seem like you’re melting…

[07:51] *moans*
Now you’re being a good girl.

Ahh, I see! You like it when I touch here.

*Moves the finger*

[08:03] In this place too… Does he know about that?

Good… There’s no need to reply, I already know.

I already know… The way you are moving, with only my fingertips in, makes it understandable.

You’re being such a good girl.


This voice (moaning) of yours… was it also taught by that guy?

[08:32] Did he also taught you how to move your body like this?

I shall get rid of his presence in your body.

*Rustling sounds. He bends you on the bed.*

It’s too late for you to escape.

I won’t release you.

[09:07] *moans*

So that’s how it is Inside you…?

How many times has that guy felt your inside?

[09:22] Do you forget all that righteousness sense you have when you’re alone with someone?


The feeling is better now that we’re rubbing…

Fast, move your waist faster!

The way he makes it, and my way of making it…

…May make you understand, for the first time,

That I’m the one that loves you.

[09:51] Now… It’s getting tight, right?

You’re all mine now.

Or… are you his? (gosh, stop taking about ‘him’ already! -_-)

[10:05] Alice… Don’t cry.

*kiss you*

Your tears are all so sweet…

[10:20] It’s true… You’re so hot inside.

It’s inevitable for me to feel pity for his innocent games.

However, it’ll soon grow useless. Starting from today, I won’t let him lay one single finger on you.

[10:42] You’re only mine now.


(after everything: )

[11:12] Haven’t you slept?

I have been waiting to release you… (She’s still tied up)


There's no need to cry.

Your tears are coming out…

[11:34] I really feel like monopolizing you.

Is that a crime?



You’re right…

If that’s the case, You’re about to be embraced by a guilty body.

It won’t always be like that.

[11:59] Ahh… Hey.

You’re crying again…

Could it be that you’re crying on purpose? (In order to be kissed and embraced by him)

[12:20] Now… My heart is overflowing with joy.
I’m devoted to love only you.




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Private :

No title

Thank you for translating this! :) <3

No title

Thank you for this! <3 I was wondering, would you ever be willing to translate the chou no doku hana no kusari tracks (well especially majima's tracks). I don't know if I'm allowed to do requests and I understand if you don't want to. Thanks <3

Re: No title

> Thank you for translating this! :) <3

Ohh don't worry! Thanks for reading ^3^

Re: No title

> Thank you for this! <3 I was wondering, would you ever be willing to translate the chou no doku hana no kusari tracks (well especially majima's tracks). I don't know if I'm allowed to do requests and I understand if you don't want to. Thanks <3

Ohh feel free to make requests! Do you have this track you want? For now I'm translating Fruits Basket's drama CD, so I'll only be able to translate new ones when I finish this CD ;3;'


Re: Request

> May I request?
> Chou no doku
> http://mio-34649.tumblr.com/post/53334803836/cd
> http://mio-34649.tumblr.com/post/38614078493/cd
> Koezaru
> http://mio-34649.tumblr.com/post/40396337694/cd
> http://mio-34649.tumblr.com/post/40396304509/cd
> Both are my favorite game ^^

Hi Nina! I'll try Chou no Doku later then ^___^ I'm on classes right now so it may take some time ^^'

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That's all right. Thank you!

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for some reason the audio is now a song? Did something happen?

Translation Request

Konbanwa How are you today? I love your translations so much *O* Ty so much for them<3

May i request a translation? Name of drama cd is Owari no esperanza if is no much problem<3 Ty so much for taking your time to read this message and for translating. ^^

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No title

hi, can u please tell me were u buy ur otomes?

they re in english or japanese?v-238

Re: No title

> hi, can u please tell me were u buy ur otomes?
> they re in english or japanese?v-238
Hi! I used to buy them on Amazon.co.jp :) They're all in japanese!
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