Forbidden Love - Ch 20 - Secret Story

Chapter 20, Secret Story:

[J] = Johannes
[L] = Laz (You)

Chapter 20 - Secret Story

Laz gave me a phone call.
She didn't sound cheerful like she usually did, and she spoke with a voice that sounded like it would start crying at any moment.
Something definitely happened.

J: Come to think of it, isn't this the first time Laz's invited me out?

I tried to think back on when I started dating Laz.
But it was always me that invited her out - she never invited me out.. Or that was how it had been.
(Even so, for me to be so happy just from being invited out by Laz...)
(I've got it bad)
There probably wasn't a girl more contrary to me than Laz.
That was what I was thinking as I was preparing to go out.
Before I dated Laz, there was a period when I really played around.
To the point that I didn't have enough fingers on both hands to count the number of women.
It had been natural for e to be dating one woman while sleeping with another.
But now... in my opinion, I've settled down a lot.
I couldn't say that I was well-meaning, but I mean, I was a healthy man, you know?
But recently, I've been different.
Now I didn't want to sleep with any woman - Just Laz.
(Well, I felt like before those feelings had exploded...)
The reason that Laz wouldn't let me kiss her.
It might have been because of her brother.
After I thought that, I couldn't stop what I was doing.
(Back then, if I had forcibly...)
(That probably would have been the end of my relationship with Laz.)
(When I thought about that, I was glad that Laz's brother came then.)
(I've been repeating myself pretty well...)
(I really want to praise myself for how great I am)
No matter how much money I used on things like presents and trips, she wouldn't really be happy.
(I thought she'd be happy about the apartment, but that was no good either...)
All the women I've had up until now would be happy when I gave them designers bags or invited them on overseas trips.
Even though they were all happy if I just used money on them...
Laz was the complete opposite.
Forget about being happy-she would just smile while looking a bit troubled.
(...She's dating me, so she should at least not dislike me, right?)
(Or maybe, just like how I played around with women in the past...)
(Maybe Laz is just playing around with me?)
No, that probably wasn't it.
Laz wasn't cunning enough to date somebody she didn't even like.
Plus, if she were that sort of woman, I wouldn't be so attracted to her.
(Now that I think about it, the first time I saw Laz...)
(She was different from the cheerful surroundings then, too, and felt a bit cold)
What I thought the first time I saw Laz was that she was a "peculiar girl".



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