Heart no Kuni Alice [INTRO]- Transcript

Of course it's not 100% accurate, but you might get the plot idea by it.

(( 63% Complete )) 05/07/2013

[ Guide ]
» Dialogue Box
(( )) Insert boxes
< > Pop Window
‡ Options
(*) Chosen Option
[ ] Inner thoughts

When you check the first option the game will start.
Insert your name.

< Please register the name (first name) >
(( Insert here ))
» My name...

(( Insert Here ))

» You put Laz (name) = Riddell (family name), is it correct?
NO >

» My name is... Laz Ridell

» Register complete!

» You may open the system screen with a right-click.
Another right-click will close it.
Is it ok?

» Do you want to skip the intro?

‡ Skip first part
‡ Skip to the start screen for the first time
‡ Skip second part
‡ Don't skip (*)

» Hey... did you know it...?

» There always are rules in games...
And those need to be followed...
They're decided from the beginning.

» What you have to do in games is decided by rules.
And they're always obligatory.

» Did you already know of these things? They might matter at a time like this...

» Eh? Didn't you know? Well, as long as you understand it, it won't be a problem.

» Hey... it...

» (...)

» The game begins now.

» [ I opened my eyes and the full scenery showed in front of me ]

» [ A garden full of flowers... A beautiful place... like my daily life... ]

» I feel some pain in the head

» [ The pain... It's throbbing... It was all so sudden. ]

» Sister: Laz...? Isn't that because you've been sleeping outdoors?

» [ My elder sister, who was reading a book besides me, started giggling. ]

» [ It's graceful... ]

» [ I still can't think well... ]

» [ My older sister is so pretty... She may look common to some, but for me, she is the brightest. ]

» [ To say that her laugh is like a flower may be a little exaggerated, but the comparison is needed. ]

» [ She is completely different from me... ]

» [ I'm nothing like her... ]

» [ ...maybe this is what people say, attached between sisters ]

» Sister: You're not an adolescent anymore, you're supposed to be graceful.

» [ My elder sister is really kind. She is an elder sister or an mother who is always nearby. Not like my busy parents. ]

» [ I didn't want to disagree, so I answered "Yes" lightly...]

» [ I hope that someday I can become a lady like sister...]


» (...)

» [... maybe it's impossible ]

» [ I can sleep calmly in the garden because the road is far ]

» [ I stare at my elder sister while laying in the floor... Sloppy, that suits me better ]

» [ I'm happy by just being near beautiful things, by looking at beautiful things... ]

» [ I like Sundays. Having to go early to make church works is a hassle, but at least I can get recovered as soon as I get a warm sunbath. ]

» (...)

» I had a strange dream.

» [ I spoke to her while purring... I tried to be cheerful again while talking ]

» Sister: A Dream? How was it?

» How...

» Not a dream about beautiful things in this garden, but something dark, full of pain.

» Far away in the deep... It felt like I was going down...

» And even if I knew that it was a dream, I felt like I wasn't coming back again.

» [ ... ]

» [ But it wasn't a nightmare. ]

» [ It was very strange, when I felt like going back I started to float, and didn't feel terror of it, just relief. ]

» [ It was dark and painful, but still felt safe. ]

» I can't remember the details... hmmm...

» Something about the game, rules...

» Sister: Game? Do you want to play a game, Laz?

» Sister: So...

» Sister: I'm sorry, recently I haven't paid much attention on you, I was just reading these things...

» Eh?

» It's not like that, sister! Don't worry!

» [ Sister has got a writer boyfriend recently, so she's trying to be better at reading]

» [ Reading is not boring, and I'm not going to enter in the middle of sister's reading. I'm not a child anymore. ]

» [ Let alone cause some sadness over her ]

» Sister: No, I've read in that book of psychology that dreams are expressions of desire.

» Sister: Well... The meaning of dream as a need to fulfil desires comes from Freud's theory.

» Sister: Of course it says that not all the dreams are like this, but this dream as a symbol of desire is often agreed.

» Oh... Sister really knows about everything...

» [I don't know how to react to it. I don't know this Freud]

» [ My sister is amazing, kind and is in love too.]

» [ She has everything I don't have. ]

» [ Even if we are sisters, we do not look alike at all ]

» [ My sister is the ideal woman... I lack this conciousness of lady behaviourism ]

» [ My sister's education is great, and I can't compete with that ]

» What is the book you're reading today? Is it about psychology?

» Sister: oh, this book? Well.. it may be, you could say that.

» Sister: It's more like a fairy tale novel.

» "Fairy tale..."

» [ I yawn a little ]

» Sister: Oh no, don't make fun of that. Those children stories and fairy tales often have good lessons that you take for life.

» Oh no, I wasn't making fun of it. I just felt strange that sister was reading a fairy tale.

» [ Sister is always reading those difficult things. Books that I usually sleep at the beginning of them. ]

» Sister: This one... Even if it look simple, it's not. It has a deep lesson to teach.

» What kind of lesson?

» Sister: It usually has a deep background, and reading for some time may also improve your mood. Sometimes you can't see the deep interior of it, but the messages goes in even like this.

» ... Ah

» So, in the end, this book is still difficult.

» Sister: Hmm... I wonder... It's addictive, though.

» [ Sister is a serious person. She keeps charming even when I make fun of her... ]

» [ She can be serious and feminine at the same, it's something that still keeps her cute ]

» What kind of story is it?

» Sister: Story... well, it's about a girl who goes to wonderland...

» Sister: She’s having a mysterious adventure... In the beginning there's a rabbit...

» [ I swing my arm saying that I want to take a break. It seems like it will be a long story. ]

» [ To tell the truth, I just want to talk so that I won’t get sleepy. I don’t want to hear all those details because I don’t have interest in that book. ]

» I prefer shortcuts...

» The main character is taking part in an adventure, right? How does it end?

» Sister: The ending? You really want to know the ending already?

» I’m a straight type, so I want to know the criminal or the tricks they used before reading mystery. So please tell me a summary of the story.

» Sister: You're always like that...

» Sister: Well, the queen of hearts puts the main character in a trial, and she is trying to escape now.

» How did she escape? She had handcuffs, no? What were the soldiers doing?

» Sister: There's nothing like that in the book... She's just running, running and then... she opens her eyes.

» W-what? So it was only a dream?

» Sister: well... now you seen to have lost interest.

» [ It's not like that... ]

» [ Endings like "waking up" or "someone dying" are so normal... ]

» What a boring ending.

» and then?

» Sister: What will happen with that girl? After having that adventure, she should get a new state of mind or something like that, right? ]

» There's nothing like that written there.

» Actually, I don't see any description of the main character, just of her sister in the end.

» Her sister wished for the main character to be a lady.

» That's how the Fairy Tale ended.

» { I'm shocked... ]

» Sister: This fairy tale is directed to adults, I don't think children would find it amusing.

» Sister: Do you want to borrow it?

» You said that children wouldn't like it... So I don't think I will get it.

» [ I doubt that even adult would like it. Which part is interesting? After hearing that ridiculous ending, I find no way of enjoying it. ]

» [ I don’t think I will even try to read it. If I borrow the book, I will have an obligation to finish it... ]

» I'm not suited to these complicated things...

» Sister: Oh... you always say that.

» Sister: You're not a children anymore, you're very clever. Your grades are high and your teachers really like you because of your abilities.

» But those are easy things to do...










































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