Shining Hearts - Story Quest Guide

Here are some Story Quest lists:

Marine Base Al-Bion(海上基地アル・ビオン)

. Enter the Black Ship marked in your map. It's Northeast of the main island.
. Take care with the monsters, they may take around 100 ~ 140 of damage. But it's still a nice place to train.
. Go left as soon as you enter the base and go down the stairs. There's nothing in the right, so don't bother going there.
. Keep following the corridor and a battle will start with Luke.
There will be 4 pawns (White robots) and 1 Zeruga Luke (Boss). Take care with the green enemy, it may take 300 in one single hit. I suggest taking your healer with you.
. You may get 1314 XP for this battle.
. Go down the stairs.
. Keep walking along the road and you will meet Bishop. Another battle will start.
There will be 4 Sky Pawns and 1 Bishop (boss). I found this battle easier, just focus on taking down the pawns and then protecting your characters from the paralysis. You will get 1539 XP for this battle.
Another battle will automatically start. There will be 2 Iron Turret, 2 or 3 Sky Leader and one Black Knight (Boss). This battle will slightly (very) harder. Don't worry though, you don't have to kill the turrets.
In the end you will get 1026 EXP.
. You will see Kaguya going away with the pirates in the floating base.
. Your partner will be very disappointed with it and you will go back to the Ship in the main island.
. Night will come and the day is over.

Madera Request

. Madera will come in the morning and you three will talk about the situation.
. Another quest will be given and now you should deliver a bread to Melty. (パンの配達「メルティ」)
. Go to her House and Sorbet will receive you. The bread will be delivered after the cutscene.
. Go back to Madera and she will ask you to deliver another Bread to Alvin. (パンの配達「アルヴィン」)
. Go to the Elven Forest and deliver it.

Kaguya's Bread (カグヤのパンを焼こう)

. After delivering the bread to Alvin, you will be automatically sent to the bakery.
. Madera will give you this quest.
. Go to the oven and choose the Kaguya Bread ( カグヤのパン ) and bake it using the Love Serenade (愛のセレナーデ) - It will spend 500 red and 500 green hearts.
. You will get a pretty bread with 5 stars.
. Sleep in the ship until the next day.

Call from the Castle (城からの呼び出し) - Will start automatically

. You will wake up next to Shaomei. You will have three options. The second one will increaser her approval and decrease your partner's, and the first one will decrease her approval.
. Roona (Lorna) will be in your kitchen.
. Renku will be in the crystal room.
. Dylan will then be at your ship. You will have three options. The first one (Yoroshiku!) will increase his approval and decrease your partner's.
. Go to the castle and speak with Ragunasu and Rufina.
. Prepare yourself with the best equipments and go back to the ship.
. Speak with everyone in the ship and then choose to sail.
. Your ship will get past the black mist.

(OPTIONAL: You can go to the small island in the south. There you will find a crypt. Check it out and choose the second option to start a battle. BE AWARE that this enemy is REALLY hard.)

. Approach the enemy area and an event will start. Choose the first option when asked.
. You will proceed to the enemy base.
. Go south and then right and enter the base.
. (It's a good opportunity to train a little and get better for the last battle)
. Keep going right until you reach a big area with stairs.



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