Tales of Symphonia - Pellets, Super Pellets and Rare Pellets Guide

Here's the first part of the Guide ~ as I've promised

First, remember to set Colette's EX Skill:
Item Getter : 100% steal rate unless the enemy blocks the attack.
Lucky (level 3)
Sharp-eyed (level 1)
Stat Boost (level 4)
Magical (level 2)

Check out how to get the Pellets you need:

Later i'll upload the Super Pellets and Rare Pellets!

Tales of Symphonia - Quest for Platinum

Hello! It's been quite a while since I last posted about a game other than Visual Novels here...
This week I finished playing Dragon Age II (The first playthrough) and have already re-started it in order to get the remaining trophies. I've also been slowly playing Dragon's Crown and already gave up on the One Piece Musou 2. (Gosh, I never though I would say it, but this is the first Musou that I can't stand to play for more than 30 minutes long lol)

Anyway! Together with Dragon Age II, I've also been playing the Tales of Symphonia for PS3! I'll make a quick review of it and then talk about the Platinum -long long long long - quest.

Tales of Symphonia was originally made for the Game Cube back in 2003, but in 2013 it got it's own version for the PS3.
I could call it a classical JRPG, with charismatic characters, a lot of comic relief, bizarre monsters enemies, a story that suddenly grows (after a plot twist) and reveals to be much more interesting that it was on the beginning, dungeons with puzzles, etc.

You begin the game as Lloyd Irving, a young boy that is not actually interest in school or anything that takes more than a minute to think about. As soon as you start you'll hear about the main idea of the first part of the game: There being a Chosen One and the duty of this person to save the world. After the first explanations and quests you'll meet some of your companions: Genis, a mage, Collete, the Chosen (or Miko, in the original japanese), Rayne, the teacher (and also the best healer around) and Kratos Aurion, a powerful mecernary. The game will keep on going about the Chosen for some time and soon you'll learn that not everything is as you've learned on school.

The Battle system is pretty easy to learn, but it will take some time until you actually master it. Firstly, you just have to smash the SQUARE button in order to attack, and later you'll learn more about using the directionals to specify this basic attack, will learn about the R2 and L2 functions, giving orders, using items and also about the Unisom attack and the Ex Skills. Whenever you learn a new thing, an entry will be added to your battle book, so you won't have to worry about memorizing everything in a shot. I found the learning curve of this game quite enjoyable, and even while replaying it I still learn new things that add to the overall experience.

With that said, I should also point that my favourite part of ToS is the character development. It's quite satisfactory to notice how Lloyd grows up during the whole game, how he goes from a brat to a honoured warrior, and how the whole environment seems to follow this advancement of every character. Lloyd is not the only one to change. I could point every character here, but that surely would be a HUGE spoiler. While at that, it's still safe to point that the whole game is made BY the main characters (the whole party, I mean) rather than the main plot. I soon grew fond of them, and wanted to advance on their specific quests rather than to follow the whole story. It was a pain when I had to let one of them go... And that's manly what gave me enough will to pursue the Platinum: To remake the whole story in order to get the other ending. That, only to keep one of the characters and learn more about it's story.


Up until now I only have 21 out of 40 trophies :(
I made the first playthrough without any kind of guide, just trying to enjoy the story to it's fullest. Now that's I'm officially pursuing the Platinum, I decided to print some lists with the things I still need.
So, making it fast, there are some things that need to be done in order to conquer the Platinum. They are:

1. Meeting all the enemies of the Game.
2. Get everyone to level 100.
3. Open every chest on the game.
4. Win all the battles on the Coliseum.
5. Meet all available character and getting all of their Titles.
6. Collect all stamps of the game.
7. Visit every dungeons and city available.
8. Complete every mini-game.
9. Finish the game more than once. (that in order to get the two branches of the story and unlocking the Mania Mode)
10. Master (and find) all the Cooking Recipes
11. Play for 100 hours
12. get all the available items of the game.
13. Get 100 hits

Of this list, I have already completed every mini-game, mastered and found every cooking recipe, played for almost 100hours (96 up until now), opened every chest and got more than half of the Titles. I now need to finish the main plot up until the Last boss, level up everyone, get the Coliseum trophies, and then visit the "underworld" area of the game before finishing it on the Mania Mode for the second time.

"Hard" is not the right word for this Platinum. I'd rather say that you'll need some patience to replay a game with more than 50hours of story and a bunch of Dungeons Puzzles, but in an overall it's not that heavy. The comic relief really work as a relief here in ToS, and it'll surely help going along the game. I - a very impatient person - am going quite smoothly on this second playthrough, and now that I've finally unlocked my favourite character, it's got even smoother. Ahahaha

Maybe the thing that will give you some headache while pursuing the Platinum is the Underworld area. I've already decided to go on a third playthrough if this area gets too difficult for my lvl 100 characters, so I could get the 10x EXP Grade and play the game with my eyes closed. Since I'm in no hurry, this might work better than suffering with the normal training and exp getting of the game.

And that's it for this Platinum! I would suggest that you print a list with all the items, Titles charts, chest locations (if you didn't get it on the first playthrough) and monsters before playing and use it as a reference (where you underline what you've already got) while playing. I'm sure it will help a lot!

Later today I'll upload here a guide I've made for getting all the pellets you'll need for the Title!! :D So... that's it for now! Wish me good luck on this quest <3


Heart no Kuni no Alice ~ 時計ウサギと午後の紅茶を (Coloured Pages - PT)

For those who need it in English:

1st page: Peter: Wait, Alice!
Alice: Shut up! And don't follow me!

Alice: Geez, recently I'm getting more sharp-tongued.
Peter: I was so happy when you decided to come to the castle! And now you say that you want me somewhere else!?

Peter: Do you have an affair?
Alice: You could just die already.

Peter: ... If I were to die... Would you be happy?

Alice: What? Would die for me?
Peter: YES.

2nd Page: Peter: "If that's what you want..."

3rd page: "On the water, the reflex of the moonlight waved..."
"That was only a sincere reflex of him..."

And the translation notes I take while studying:
transl (2)
transl (1)

Boris Airay Snippet ~Clover no Kuni (Waltz and Chesire Cat)


From 「クローバーの国のアリス ~チェシャ猫とワルツ~第1巻」

Diamond no Kuni ~Wonderful Mirror World ~ ( Nightmare - 5th Vision.)

Alice is back from the Hatter Mansion and notices that it's already late. While waiting for the elevator, she thinks about the inconsistency of time, and that is because on the way back to the station the time had changed five times. She wonders about how Nightmare is doing. A staff appears and then she asks about the guy, discovering that he's got some medication and is resting at his room right now.

Guard: Yes? Who is it?
Alice: It's me, Alice. I've heard that Nightmare has gotten up and came to check out.

She hears some footsteps and soon the familiar guard opens the door and let her enter. She sees Nightmare in his sleepwear and covered by some blankets. She mentions how his complexion is bad, but that's something quite usual for him.

Nightmare: What's the problem, Alice... Aren't you exaggerating when visiting an ill person?

((He said so in his usual tone, but it's impossible to deny how tired he seems.))

Alice: But I'm visiting because you're sick. How are you feeling now?
Nightmare: Oh, I'll probably get better soon. Doctor and gray are pressing me and I even had to drink a medicine.
Nightmare: I was forced to drink that bitter medicine! The fever has gone down thanks to the antipyretic, but it felt like I had a deep wound on my heart.

Alice tells him that it's good that he got better and that he should thank Gray for that. He refuses the need of thanking 'that guy' in any way and notices that Alice is carrying a box in her hands. She explains that she bought that on the way back to the Station and that it's for eating later. The Guard notices that the package is cold and Nightmare asks what was that. She tells that she bought some Gelato back from that natural store that Elliot likes so much, and that he suggested her to buy the carrot flavoured one. The guard is going to store the box and Nightmare halts him and asks Alice to eat together with him.

1st >> Refrain from eating together
2nd >> Eat together

If you choose Eat Together... (+1 Nightmare)
Nightmare smiles and says that it's funnier when she is around. She is quite worried and he laughs at her while thanking her concerns about him. The guards bring the tableware and she sits besides his bed to eat together. He asks if she bought what the hare suggested and she denies, saying that he shouldn't worry with that.

Nightmare: Is it delicious? What's your flavour?

She answers that she has got a Strawberry flavoured with walnut, and it's terrific. Nightmare got the Mango flavour, that she chose for him. He keeps on saying how the one she got looks delicious and etc and she suggest that they should exchange.

Nightmare: Eh? EXCHANGE?
Alice: Yes. I mean, you also want to taste this one, right?
Nightmare: Oh... Yeah, I mean... I do wish. But... We have already tasted them... (Like, their mouths have already touched the food.)

She says that that's not a problem and notices how flustered he got over it. Then she realizes that he was thinking that it would be like sharing an indirect kiss and concludes how childish he actually is... He starts coughing while embarrassed, what makes Alice more worried about his condition. His coughs intensifies and he finally agrees on exchanging the Ice Creams.

Let's exchange... Yes, exchange...
Alice: Ah?
Alice: ...no, it's okay...

((I was the one who proposed it. f course I shouldn't offer that much resistance.))
((However, it got a little embarrassing... Nightmare has made such a big deal out of it.))

She then exchanges the Ice Cream with him and says how delicious it is, also being a little embarrassed with the situation.

Some time passes and...

She suddenly enters her Dream-zone, so I guess she might be sleeping right now. Anyway, Adult!Nightmare appears in front of her, cross-legged and holding his cigarette. He comments how she is still harsh and that sometimes he thinks of that time when she spent time together with him in Clover Tower. She starts to get guilty because she got used to living in the Country of Diamonds. She asks if he said all that on purpose, just to blame her, to which he responds that that wasn't his intention, that it's the best if she gets used to the place she is living right now. He throws some smoke on the air and asks her forgiveness for his words.


She gets a little surprised by his sincere apology, thinking that he is actually pretty shy. And he explains that he is just a little bit jealous, that it got lonely to be able to just see her through dreams and not being able to meet her while awake. Some memories start to flow through her mind and she remember the young nightmare being sick and how he managed to go past all adversity. Suddenly a new memory arrives:


She doesn't remember ever seeing this, so she concludes that it must not be a memory of hers. After getting back to her Dream-zone, she notices Nightmare looking away, and suddenly calling someone out of his hiding.


After some time young Nightmare appears before her.

Nightmare: Oh... hey... Good evening.

She gets really surprised by the fact that young and old Nightmare actually can be at the same time and same place. Adult Nightmare scolds her saying that he is still young and shouldn't talk like that about him. He also explains that it's perfectly normal for them to be able to enter her dreams, since both of them in different axis of time and they're both incubus and dreams are their territory. Alice wonders why the Young Nightmare is in her Dreams, and he is not able to explain, being all shy. Adult Nightmare teases him saying how cute and innocent his younger self is and that this wasn't the first time he entered her dreams. She gets a little surprised and he says that he has been coming night after night to check how she was doing and never had the courage to show his face.

Adult Nightmare: CUTE! So damn cute...! As expected from ME!

Alice asks him if that was true, but younger Nightmare doesn't answer. She says she's not angry at him for spying on her like this, but she thanks his concern towards her.
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